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We Must Save Shoujo, the Baby Albino Dolphin.

By January 20, 2014No Comments

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson has given a name to the baby female albino dolphin presently held captive in Taiji, Japan.

This little girl lost her mother when she was forcefully separated from her mother’s side and taken aside to be appraised by the prospective buyers from the marine aquarium trade, all of whom are eager to purchase the rare white dolphin to display at their facilities for the amusement of paying spectators.

The mother was last seen spy-hopping amongst screaming, wounded and frightened dolphins in a bay filled with blood.

Shoujo is the Japanese name for Bambi. It simply means “girl” and like Bambi this albino Bottlenose dolphin lost her mother, and also like Bambi she is a symbol of the destruction of innocence and beauty by a ruthless group of humans motivated by greed.

Capturing dolphins for display in aquariums is not part of Japanese culture and the brutality of this slaughter would never be legally accepted in any abattoir in the world including Japan.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, socially complex gentle marine mammals. There can be no moral or cultural justification for the cruel and wasteful slaughter of these magnificent sentient beings.

The fishermen of Taiji are bringing international shame upon the entire nation of Japan and because of this small and stubborn group, all Japanese citizens are being unfairly portrayed as being insensitive and barbaric.

In the name of human decency and for the sake of all future generations this shameful crime against nature and humanity must end.

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