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The Outlaws May Return to the Southern Ocean Despite the ICJ Verdict

By April 6, 2014No Comments

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Masayuki Komatsu, who refers to the Minke whales as the “cockroaches of the sea,” is now stating that Japan will find a way to get around the verdict of the International Court of Justice. The Japanese Foreign Ministry is saying Japan will abide by the ruling. The Japanese Fisheries Ministry is saying they may return.

What is important is that if they do return they will return as outlaws in contempt and renegades against the ICJ ruling.

And Sea Shepherd will return vindicated of charges that we are the outlaws. We will return with enhanced credibility and moral authority.

The Sea Shepherd ships will be made ready and I intend to initiate a fundraising effort to secure a long-range ship that can exceed the speed of the harpoon vessels. This will cost about $5 million, but if we can secure this ship we will have a fleet that will be able to be 100% effective in interventions against these high seas poachers.

Our position is clear. The Japanese whalers cannot kill whales in an internationally established whale sanctuary and the Sea Shepherd ships and crews are the Guardians of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The ICJ verdict is a major victory, but the fight continues.

This summer we will take vessels and crew to the Faeroe Islands to intervene against the slaughter of pilot whales.

The ships Steve IrwinBob Barker and Sam Simon will be given extensive overhauls to repair damage and improve efficiency.

The Whales have a Navy, and thanks to the ICJ ruling, our navy is more powerful and more credible than ever before.

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