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Danish Duplicity and Complicity in the Slaughter of Pilot Whales and Dolphins

By August 18, 2015No Comments

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson


A pod of 61 pilot whales slaughtered August 12 in Sandavágur, Faroe Islands. Photo: Sea Shepherd / Cris Cely

Who are the deceitful Danes disguised as Faroese who kill whales?

A bit of research into Faroese holders of Danish passports is revealing. According to the attached Faroese article, 86% of the people of the Faroe Islands have chosen to hold the Danish passport.

They are given a choice of holding the red Danish passport or the green Faroese passport. They cannot hold both. The red Danish passport allows them to work in the European Union (EU). In other words, full EU benefits without compliance with EU laws.

The logical choice is the red passport over the green one because of these benefits.

It is illegal for a citizen of the EU to participate in the killing of cetaceans. It is a violation of the Berne Convention. This includes Danish citizens.

The Faroese claim to be exempt from EU regulations and laws because they claim they are not members of the European Union.

They receive EU subsidies through Denmark. Denmark provides military, immigration and policing services to the Faroes. Sea Shepherd volunteers, most of whom are EU citizens, were prosecuted in the Faroes by a Danish prosecutor, sentenced by a Danish judge and deported by Danish Immigration.

Danish Immigration deported EU citizens for trying to protect whales in the Danish Faroe Islands, yet allows Danish passport holders to kill whales in violation of the Berne Convention.

The Danish Prime Minister and every single member of the Danish Parliament supports the slaughter of whales yet Denmark continues to insist that this an exclusively Faroese issue.

Claiming independence from the EU allows the Faroese to do things they could not otherwise do as members of the EU, like trading with Russia despite the EU embargo, fishing outside of EU regulations and of course killing whales.

It is a big Danish con. If 86% of the people living on the Faroes hold Danish passports that makes them Danish citizens and thus members of the European Union. And the laws of the EU clearly state that EU members cannot kill whales.

This loophole must be closed. The Faroese want to have their cake (EU benefits) and eat their cake (killing whales) too. Legally, they simply cannot have both.

Sea Shepherd is researching legal avenues to challenge this duplicity. Denmark is now the third largest whale-killing nation after Norway and Iceland. Thanks to Sea Shepherd’s successful campaigns in the Southern Ocean, Japan has fallen from its position as the largest whale-killing nation to fourth place. The destruction of whales is now pretty much a European enterprise.

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