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A Few Flagrantly Foolish Faroese Farcical Facts and Crafty Contradictions

By August 21, 2015No Comments

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson


Five Sea Shepherd crew were arrested August 12 during a grind that killed 61 pilot whales. Photo: Sea Shepherd/Marianna Baldo

The Faroe Islands…

Where compassion is a crime.

Where an act of kindness can send you to jail.

Where simply wearing a Sea Shepherd T-shirt can get you arrested.

Where a citizen of the European Union (EU) can be deported by an EU nation for opposing an activity that is in violation of EU regulations.

Where a tourist can go to jail for failing to report a pilot whale sighting to the whalers.

Where the Danish Navy, the Danish police and the Danish courts defend the killing of pilot whales and dolphins, yet they claim to not be involved.

Where 85% of the population hold Danish European Union passports but refuse to live in accordance with EU regulations.

Where an average of 216 tons of meat and 144 tons of blubber is unaccounted for every year. The mystery is, where does it go? No one is saying.

Where the national airline, Atlantic Airways and the ferries double as whale-spotting sources for whalers.

Where a country with the highest per capita income in Europe claims they need to kill whales and dolphins in order to survive.

Where they make up convenient laws to enable the killing of whales.

Where children are encouraged to poke out the eyeballs of pilot whales and play with dolphin fetuses.

Where parents take pictures of their kids mutilating pilot whales and they complain if the pictures appear on the internet.

Where hundreds of bodies of whales can be found rotting just below the surface of the sea.

Where they strangle puffins and steal their eggs.

Where the whale meat is said to be free except tourists can buy it in the restaurants and it’s for sale in the market.

Where the Christian community says the whales are a gift from God, though Leviticus expressly forbids the eating of whale meat. Apparently Jesus made a side trip to the Faroes to give them special dispensation.

Where the people claim to be independent from Denmark until they need the support of the Danish Navy.

Where the people take pride in bathing in blood.

Where an hour of stressful pursuit and many minutes of agony accompanied by horrendous screams of pain is described as “humane killing.”

Where population numbers change each day without any scientific validation. One day there are 128,000 pilot whales, the next 780,000. The fact is no one knows, except for the guy in Klaksvik with the crystal ball.

Where people knowingly and willingly consume meat heavily contaminated with mercury and don’t give a sh*t, primarily because they eat meat heavily contaminated with mercury.

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