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Ship: Seahorse

Name: RPH

Date: 04/04/2023

Ship’s Activity: Monitoring


Table 2. Small Fishing Boat counting was done on the 4th of April from 09:00 to 20:00 with radar observations. The hours not represented in this table correspond to hours when no boats were seen in the ZTA or outside.

Hour Pangas Inside ZTA


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing Crossing
17:00 1 0 0 0 1
Hour Pangas ZTA Buffer Zone


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing
17:00 2 0 0 2
18:00 3 0 0 3
19:00 3 0 0 3



Hour Pangas Outside ZTA


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing
16:00 4 0 0 4
17:00 4 0 0 4
18:00 10 0 0 10
19:00 12 0 0 12


Total number of different small boat fishing today in the ZTA: 0.


Total number of different small boats fishing today in the ZTA Buffer Zone: 3.


No fishing boats were found inside the ZTA or the Vaquita Refuge all morning and during some hours in the afternoon. The weather conditions started to get more calm around 15:00 hours.

Around 16:00 the first boats started to arrive at the vaquita refuge, in the next of hours the number started to increase until we had 12 small fishing boats in the vaquita refuge and 3 in the buffer zone. By this time the sea state was much calmer.

The navy warship was detected patrolling the central and northern areas of the ZTA all day.

Figure 1. Small Boat activity in the ZTA today 4th of April.

Figure 2. Radar screenshot at 06:32 fishing boats arriving at the ZTA.

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