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Ship: Seahorse

Name: RPH

Date: 07/April/2023

Ship’s Activity: Monitoring


Table 1. Small Fishing Boat counting was done on the 7th of April from 00:00 to 21:00 with radar observations, and drone and camera confirmation. The hours not represented in this table correspond to hours when no boats were seen in the ZTA or outside.

Hour Pangas Inside ZTA


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing Crossing
10:00 3 0 0 0 3
12:00 1 0 0 0 1
19:00 2 2 0 0 0
20:00 1 1 0 0 0
Hour Pangas ZTA Buffer Zone


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing
09:00 1 0 0 1
18:00 1 0 0 1
19:00 3 0 0 3
20:00 2 0 0 2



Hour Pangas Outside ZTA


Net Fishing Divers Potential Net Fishing
09:00 1 0 0 1
18:00 1 0 0 1
19:00 2 0 0 2
20:00 2 0 0 2


Total number of different small boat fishing today in the ZTA: 2.


Total number of different small boats fishing today in the ZTA Buffer Zone: 3.


During the morning of the 7 of April, we had some sport fishing boats crossing the ZTA from west to east nonstopping.

Around 18:00 hours, we detected small fishing boats at the east border of the ZTA. We approached the area to have visual confirmation. In the radar, they were parked outside, but in the last few days, we started to notice a change in the strategy, waiting outside the border but throwing the nets right in the border so the nets drift inside the ZTA.

After some minutes we confirmed nets inside the ZTA and we reported to the navy. They responded about 3 minutes after. Meanwhile, the fishing boats started to pull the nets when they saw the navy approaching. We waited in the area documenting the boats and the net positions in the water until the navy arrived 50 minutes after with the warship and the interceptor. The interceptor had on board profepa and conapesca inspectors.

The Navy approached and started to talk with the fishing boats. They remove the nets from the water and the fishing boats left the area in the direction of San Felipe. The navy remained to patrol the area for around 30 minutes more.

Figure 1. Small Boat activity in the ZTA today 7th of April.

Figure 2. Radar screenshot at 19:15, targets 50 and 56 show fishing boats, target 50 belongs to a Navy warship.

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