The Farley Mowat Departs for Operation Milagro

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fast patrol vessel Farley Mowat departs from Key West, Florida today to join up with the Sea Shepherd sailing ketch Martin Sheen in Mexico’s Gulf of California. The mission is Operation Milagro. Sea Shepherd, in partnership with the Mexican Navy, is intent upon protecting the smallest and most endangered porpoise species on the planet –Continue reading “The Farley Mowat Departs for Operation Milagro”

Media and Arts Advisory Board

Pamela Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Brigitte Bardot Linda Blair Berkeley Breathed Pierce Brosnan Paul Brown Holly Marie Combs Sean Connery Linda G. Fisher Hannah Fraser Michael Goldschlager Sylvie Guillem Daryl Hannah Anthony Kiedis Pieter Kroonenburg Lauren Maddox Shaun Monson Sean Penn Jacques Perrin Michelle Rodriguez Martin Sheen Sam Simon (posthumous) Les Stroud George Sumner Geert-JanContinue reading “Media and Arts Advisory Board”

Lessons Learned over Breakfast with Sterling Hayden

Back in the late seventies I was having breakfast with my friend Jet Johnson in Sausalito, California. We were talking that morning about how great it would have been to have met Jack London, who had lived in Sausalito in the early part of the century. As it happened I had bought a book theContinue reading “Lessons Learned over Breakfast with Sterling Hayden”