February: The Sierra Trading Company spends over one million dollars to repair the SierraOwner Andrew Behr makes plans to resume whaling in mid-February. His plans are thwarted when two men and a woman enter the black waters of Lisbon Harbor during the dead of night of February 6. The Sierra is scuttled without injuries to her crew and the career of the world’s most ruthless illegal whaling ship is permanently brought to an end.

March: To prevent the Sea Shepherd crew from returning to the seal hunt in 1980, Captain Watson is ordered into prison on the first day of the seal hunt for a sentence of 10 days for violating the Canadian Seal Hunt in 1979 by approaching a seal hunt without permission of the government. Captain Watson is also banned from the ice fields and the sealing areas for three years.

April: On April 28th, the pirate whalers Ibsa I and Ibsa II are sunk in Vigo, Spain. The sinkings enforce the quota violations that the Spanish whaling fleet had committed. The same month, Sea Shepherd agent Jet Johnson posts reward posters all over the waterfront of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Sea Shepherd offers a $25,000 bounty on the outlaw whaler Astrid. The Astrid’s owners are unable to trust their own crew and retire the vessel.

September: In response to the worldwide publicity of the sinkings of the pirate whalers in Spain and Portugal, the South African Navy sink the Susan and the Theresa after seizing them from the owners of the Sierra. All illegal whaling operations in the Atlantic cease.

October: Captain Watson optioned the movie rights to the Sea Shepherd and Sierra story to Warner Brothers and raised enough money to purchase another Yorkshire trawler in Britain. The fishing trawler St. Giles is renamed Sea Shepherd II. The vessel is moved from Hull to Greenock, Scotland for repairs and refit.