January: The Sea Shepherd departs Los Angeles for Honolulu, Hawaii, to prepare for a campaign to stop the slaughter of dolphins at Iki Island, Japan.

March: To avoid a confrontation with the Sea ShepherdII crew, the Japanese government invites Captain Watson to Iki Island to negotiate with the fishermen. Captain Watson is joined by American Airlines Captain Jet Johnson, Air France flight attendant Mina Fukuda as interpreter, and filmmaker Peter Brown. After three days of negotiations, the Iki Island fishermen agreed to end the slaughter of dolphins at Iki Island.

May: Captain Watson’s book Sea Shepherd, My Fight for Whales and Seals is published by W.W. Norton. It was written with famed journalist Warren Rogers with an introduction by Cleveland Amory.

May: Sea Shepherd crewmembers from Ireland camp on Iniskea Island in the Irish Sea to interfere with the killing of grey seals by Irish fishermen. The crew sleeps amongst the seals and successfully disrupts all attempts to kill the seals.

June: The Sea Shepherd II returns to Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada to prepare for a campaign to protect seals on the East Coast of Canada.

September: Captain Watson and crewmember Tate Landis successfully swim the Georgia Straight from Naniamo on Vancouver Island to Jericho Beach in Vancouver. The 56 kilometer swim had never been completed before. The swim was organized to focus attention on the Canadian seal hunt.

September: Captain Jet Johnson (a former Canadian Air Force fighter pilot) pilots the plane for Paul Watson and Carroll Vogel to drop sixteen large light bulbs full of red paint onto the deck of a Soviet spy ship off the coast of Washington State. Each light bulb is attached to a message in the Russian language protesting the illegal kill of whales by the Soviets. A U.S. fighter plane pursues the Sea Shepherd plane but Captain Johnson eludes pursuit flying over the wave-tops back into Canadian airspace. Paul Watson was the only one of the three arrested. He is charged with the dangerous operation of an aircraft despite not being the pilot. The charges are dismissed when the Russians failed to appear as witnesses.

October: The Irish seal hunt is ended. The government of Ireland rules to shut down the grey seal hunt in the Irish Sea. It is a clear victory for Sea Shepherd campaigners.

November: Sea Shepherd crew in Scotland completely disrupts the killing of grey seals in the Scottish Orkney Islands. Sea Shepherd crew snatch rifles from the hands of the hunters and physically prevent the landing of boats on the seal rookeries. The Sea Shepherd Islands Trust is set up to purchase the Orkney Island of Little Green Holm. Once purchased the island is made into a permanent sanctuary for the grey seals.

December: The Sea Shepherd departs from Vancouver for a voyage to Grenada to deliver library, agricultural, and medical supplies to Grenada. The ship stops en route at Coos Bay, Oregon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Laguna Beach.