January: In 1984, the Quebec Court of Appeals rules in favor of  Captain Watson and the crew of the Sea Shepherd II. The convictions of the lower court are reversed and the charges quashed. The Canadian government appeals the decision of the Quebec Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. This results in the continued seizure of the Sea Shepherd II. The vessel is moved from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and placed under guard at the Canadian Naval base.

When Watson landed in Fort Nelson, the media (Moira Farrow of the Vancouver Sun) was there to greet him.

February: Without a ship, Captain Watson and his crew are confined to the beach. Undeterred Captain Watson launches a land-based campaign on behalf of wolves. He founds the group Friends of the Wolf and organizes a high profile intervention against the aerial shooting of wolves in Northern British Columbia. In the hostile town of Fort Nelson, Captain Watson holds a press conference and debates four hundred hunters and trappers in heated arguments that make the National News.

A trapper came into the press conference room and threw two dead wolves onto the floor. He said to Watson, “What ya think of this a**hole”? Watson answered, “I think you just lost the war, you idiot.”

Captain Watson and Robert Hunter publish Cry Wolf!. The book about the anti-wolf hunting campaigns exposes the corruption behind the B.C. Government’s wolf eradication programs. The former British Columbian Minister of the Environment Rafe Mair writes the forward for the book.

The publicity generated by the wolf campaign forces the resignation of the British Columbian Minister of the Environment Anthony Brummett after Captain Watson publicly denounces the Minister for corruption.