June: The Sea Shepherd II departs from Plymouth for Malmo, Sweden, to attend the meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

July: The Sea Shepherd II departs Malmo for the Danish Faeroe Islands to document and obstruct the Faeroese pilot whale sport hunt. Captain Watson sends in a team of five crewmembers to meet with the government. All five are arrested and held without charges. The Sea Shepherd II refuses to depart from Faeroese waters until the crew is released. The Faeroese respond by attacking with rifle fire and tear gas. Captain Watson has a bullet strike the ship an inch from his head, and immediately he orders the crew of the Sea Shepherd II to defend the ship with water cannons and cannons loaded with chocolate and lemon pie-filling. The Faeroese attackers are humiliatingly slimed with goo and the Sea Shepherd II escapes with documentation of whaling activities and a dramatic confrontation. The incident is filmed and aired in a BBC produced award-winning documentary entitled Black Harvest.

September: The Sea Shepherd II returns to Bristol, England, for repairs and maintenance.

November: Sea Shepherd activists return to Iceland and take action against illegal Icelandic whaling operations. Sea Shepherd engineers Rod Coronado and David Howitt engineer the sinking of two of Iceland’s four whaling ships in Reykjavik harbor. They also destroy the whale processing station at Hvalfjodur. This mission shuts down Icelandic commercial whaling activities for the next 16 years. The attack becomes a headline story worldwide.