January: Captain Watson, Activist/Dr. Joanna Forwell, and Sea Shepherd Sweden Director Sten Borg travel to Iceland. Captain Watson demands that Iceland lay charges against Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and himself for sinking half of Iceland’s whaling fleet. Iceland refuses. Captain Watson announces to the Icelandic media that the actions of Sea Shepherd agents against Icelandic whaling activities are justified as a legitimate policing action because Iceland refused to defend illegal whaling activities by charging the Sea Shepherd for sabotage. Sea Shepherd then announces that any accusations of criminality against Sea Shepherd are unwarranted as Sea Shepherd had not been charged, let alone convicted of any crime in Iceland.

March: A Sea Shepherd agent documents the killing of dolphins by a United States tuna seiner named the Sea King. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society grants the use of this footage to Sam LaBudde of Earth Island Institute. Sea Shepherd footage is shown in addition to the film taken by Sam LaBudde on board a Panamanian tuna seiner. The film edited by Sea Shepherd director Peter Brown is released and scandalizes the tuna industry and contributes to the ban on dolphin killing by U.S. tuna companies.

November: The Sea Shepherd ship Divine Wind is sold and the Sea Shepherd Society uses the funds from the sale to overhaul theSea Shepherd II.