January: The Sea Shepherd II departs from San Diego on a voyage to Key West, Florida, via the Panama Canal. Off of Guatemala, the Sea Shepherd II discovers the Mexican tuna seiner Tungui with her nets in the water and dolphins struggling to escape. Despite the darkness of night, Captain Watson orders the Mexicans to release the dolphins. When they refuse, he rams and damages the Tungui and turns a high-pressure hose on her onboard helicopter. The dolphins are released. Guatemala officially thanks Sea Shepherd for the intervention.

July: The Sea Shepherd II departs for Trinidad to patrol for Taiwanese driftnetters. Near Barbados, a Taiwanese driftnet boat is discovered. The Taiwanese attempt to intimidate the Sea Shepherd II by coming alongside and colliding with her. The collision crushes the starboard gunwale of the Sea Shepherd II. Captain Watson retaliates by falling back and coming up fast on the starboard side of the driftnetter. The Sea Shepherd II rams the Taiwanese vessel hard on her midship section.

In Trinidad, the Sea Shepherd crew is given a wonderful reception by the Trinidad Coast Guard. Sea Shepherd is made an official auxiliary to the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard. Sea Shepherd crew assist the Coast Guard in investigating and exposing the bribery of Trinidadian government officials by the Taiwanese fishing industry. Sea Shepherd calls a press conference in Trinidad and exposes Taiwanese bribes to Trinidad government officials in exchange for fuel subsidies and non-interference with poaching in Trinidad and Tobago waters. The politicians taking the bribes are arrested. Sea Shepherd delivers and donates four assault rifles to the Coast Guard to assist them with policing against illegal driftnet operations.

November: Sea Shepherd purchases the former U.S. Coast Guard patrol vessel Cape Knox. The ship is renamed the Edward Abbey in honor of the author, friend of Captain Watson, and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member. The ship is bought in Charleston, South Carolina and moved to Norfolk, Virginia to be refitted.

December: The Sea Shepherd II departs from the Bahamas with a crew that includes fourteen members of the Gitk’san Wet’su’e’ten nation of British Columbia. For the voyage the name of the ship is changed to Aligat meaning Warrior. Captain Watson funds the campaign personally and the objective is to intercept the Quincentennial voyage of the NinaPinta, and Santa Maria. En route the crew stops at San Salvador Island to reclaim it for the First Nations. The Columbus caravels are found approaching Puerto Rico. The Santa Maria is seized and held until the Spanish Consul in Puerto Rico signs a letter of apology for five hundred years of injustice to the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

December 20th, 1991: The United Nations General Assembly approves Resolution 46/215 banning driftnet fishing worldwide as of January 1993.