January: The oil tanker Jessica runs aground off San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos, spilling 160,000 gallons of diesel and 80,000 gallons of bunker fuel. Sirenian is the first vessel on the scene, and proceeds to spend three weeks assisting the Galapagos National Park and a special U.S. Coast Guard team in oil spill clean up and wildlife rescue.

February: Sea Shepherd testifies at a public hearing in Seattle, Washington, on the Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Makah whale hunt by the U.S. government, and delivers comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service finding the process by which the EA was produced to be deficient, tainted, and thoroughly biased in favor of a hunt. The result is that the release of the final EA is postponed.

March: The Sea Shepherd patrol vessel Sirenian seizes four longliners caught inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Incidents of poaching begin to decline in the area of Sirenian’s patrols.


March: The Sirenian secures evidence of corruption in the Ecuadorian Navy and releases it to the public.

July: During the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), the Ocean Warrior sails to St. Lucia in the West Indies and films a fisherman bringing in a slain pilot whale on the same day the government denies that St. Lucia hunts whales. Sea Shepherd coordinates an international e-mail campaign against the Caribbean nations voting with Japan at the IWC in exchange for “fisheries aid.” St. Lucia receives more than 400 cancellations of resort bookings as a result.

July – August: The Ocean Warrior crew patrol threatened nesting beaches of endangered sea turtles in Tobago and support a local conservation group in calling for stricter enforcement of turtle conservation laws.

July – August: The Sirenianapprehends two more commercial shark-finning boats inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve, and close down a sea cucumber poaching camp. Sea Shepherd posts a reward for the arrest of those responsible for the sexual mutilation slaying of 15 Galapagos sea lions. The fishermen are identified but flee to the mainland.

August: With Cocos National Park rangers on board, Ocean Warrior apprehends the large Ecuadorian longliner San Jose caught poaching off Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and confiscates 30 miles of longline and their illegal catch of sharks, turtles, sailfish, and dolphins.

August: The Ocean Warrior stops in the Galapagos to re-supply the Sirenian. Because of the exposure of Naval corruption in March, the Ecuadorian Navy places the Ocean Warrior under guard and then orders the ship to depart from the Galapagos and to take Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Sean O’Hearn on board. Sean refuses to leave the Galapagos and is arrested by the Navy. The Mayor of Puerto Ayora secures O’Hearn’s release. O’Hearn goes to Ecuador to speak with the media and to appeal the Navy’s decision to deport him.

September: The Ocean Warrior enters drydock in Seattle, Washington for major repairs, re-fitting, and paint job.