January – December: The Sea Shepherd patrol vessel Sirenianenters and completes her third year of service in partnership with the Galapagos National Park.

January: The Farley Mowat stays in Antarctica until the end of January. The campaign is unsuccessful in locating the Japanese whaling fleet. The Japanese being aware of the Sea Shepherd campaign changed their operating schedule and plans to avoid the Farley Mowat. 

January: Captain Watson is invited to meet with Conservation International in the Dominican Republic to discuss strategies for protecting the Galapagos Corridor.

March: Captain Watson leads a helicopter investigation of the escalated seal hunt on the East coast of Canada.

April: Captain Watson is elected to the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club USA.

April: The Farley Mowat crosses the Pacific from Auckland to Victoria, British Columbia, on a search and destroy mission for longlines. Hundreds of miles of longlines were intercepted and destroyed.

August: A Sea Shepherd crew from New Zealand travels to the Solomon Islands to document the illegal capture of dolphins.

October: A Sea Shepherd crew arrives in Taiji, Japan. Sea Shepherd documentation of the slaughter of dolphins is carried worldwide as front page photos in international newspapers and on television.

November – December: Allison Lance and Alex Cornelissen dive into the bay at Taiji to cut the nets to release 15 dolphins awaiting slaughter. Both Sea Shepherd crewmembers are arrested and spend three weeks in jail before being released.