January – December: The Sea Shepherd patrol vessel Sirenian enters and completes her fourth year of service in partnership with the Galapagos National Park.

March: The Farley Mowat departs from Seattle for a voyage to the Galapagos.

April – June: The Farley Mowat patrols the Galapagos National Park to intercept poachers. The crew of the Farley Mowatintercept and assist in the arrest of a Costa Rican longliner, an Ecuadorian gillnetter, and an Ecuadorian- and American-owned tuna seiner. Sea Shepherd crew slash open the purse seine net to release the illegal catch of some ten tons of tuna.

June: The Farley Mowat travels to Malpelo Island off the coast of Colombia. The crew of the Farley Mowat arrives in time to set the broken leg of a Colombian ranger and to begin negotiations to secure a deliver a patrol boat for Malpelo National Park.

July: The Farley Mowat berths in Curacao to prepare for a campaign to the coast of Brazil..

August: The Farley Mowatdeparts Curacao for Sao Luis, Brazil.

September – October: The Farley Mowat patrols the coast of Brazil. Working with Instituto Sea Shepherd Brazil, a working relationship is developed with the rangers of San Fernando de Noronha National Park.

November: The Farley Mowat returns to Curacao where Dutch artist Geert Von Jon paints the ship with a whale and dolphin mural in preparation for a campaign to protect seals in 2005. A Sea Shepherd crew goes to Taiji, Japan, to protect dolphins and Sea Shepherd organized an international Day of protest against the dolphin kills in Japan on November 19.

December: The Farley Mowat departs Curacao for Bermuda for final preparations for the campaign to protect seals in Eastern Canada.