January: The Farley Mowat chases the Nisshin Maru for three thousand miles along the Antarctic coast. On January 8, the Farley Mowat once again approaches the Nisshin Maru and deploys propeller foulers. The Nisshin Maru stops whaling activities and flees. On January 9, the Farley Mowat intercepts and rams the whaling fleet supply vessel Oriental Bluebird. The supply ship is ordered out of the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary and complies. The Oriental Bluebird does not return.

The Farley Mowat completes a 50 day voyage covering 8500 miles between Melbourne and Cape Town. The Japanese fleet was disrupted for 15 days and prevented from achieving their quota. (Because of pressure from the Japanese government, the Farley Mowat is detained by South African authorities.)

March/April: Sea Shepherd holds a press conference in Ottawa, Canada with Brigitte Bardot to oppose the slaughter of seals. Sea Shepherd convinces Costco to remove seal oil capsules from their store in Newfoundland creating a major controversy in Eastern Canada.

May/June: The Farley Mowat escapes from Cape Town, South Africa and the crew are welcomed as heroes upon arrival in Fremantle, Australia.

October: Sea Shepherd purchases the Scottish Fisheries Patrol vessel Westra in Rosyth, Scotland. The vessel is renamed Robert Hunter in honor of the man who was a journalist, co-found of Greenpeace, friend of Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member.

December: The Robert Hunter departs from Scotland and voyages down the middle of the North and South Atlantic. The Farley Mowat departs from Melbourne, Australia to Hobart, Tasmania.