January : The Robert Hunter refuels in Puntarenas, Chile, and then heads to the Ross Sea to search for the Japanese whaling fleet. The Farley Mowat departs from Tasmania for the Ross Sea on the same mission.

February: The Robert Hunter and the Farley Mowat locate the whaling fleet. The harpoon ships flee to the north. A pod of whales flees to the West and the Nisshin Maru flees to the East. Sea Shepherd chases and disrupts the activities of the Nisshin Maru shutting down their operations. Two Sea Shepherd crew are temporarily loss when heavy fog moves in but are located and rescued 8 hours later.

February: The Robert Hunter and the Farley Mowat find the Japanese vessel Kaiko Maru chasing whales. Both ships intervene. The whales escape. The Kaiko Maru rams the Robert Hunter twice causing damage to the hull.

The Robert Hunter returns to Melbourne on February 19th and the Farley Mowat returns to Melbourne on February 21st.

March: The film Sharkwater directed by Rob Stewart and co-produced by Sea Shepherd opens in Canadian theatres to rave reviews. Stewart’s film uses extensive footage that he took when he accompanied Sea Shepherd on the 2002 Costa Rica/Galapagos Campaign.

May to August: The Farley Mowat sails from Melbourne to Bermuda via Pitcairn Island, the Galapagos, and the Panama Canal. During the voyage the ship seizes illegal longlines in the Galapagos National Park and patrols off the Ecuadorian and Colombian coasts for shark fin poachers.

June and July: Sea Shepherd’s Galapagos Director Sean O’Hearn leads raids on the mainland of Ecuador that seizes 45,000 shark fins and 92,000 sea cucumbers, arresting more than a dozen poachers and exposing the operations of the Ecuadorian Shark Fin Mafia.

Sean O’Hearn and police officers display some of the confiscated shark fins.

August: The arrest of ringleaders with political connections creates a scandal in Ecuador and an embarrassed President Correa orders Sean O’Hearn deported but then rescinds the order at the last minute just before O’Hearn boards a plane.


September: Captain Watson delivers the Robert Hunter from Melbourne to Tasmania for repairs and preparations for the 2007/2008 campaign to intervene against illegal Japanese whaling operations.

October: Sea Shepherd hosts a star-studded 30th Anniversary benefit in Santa Monica called Breaking the Ice.

October: Sea Shepherd works with world class surfers Kelly Slater and Dave Rastovich to oppose the horrific annual slaughter of dolphins at Taiji, Japan.

December: The Robert Hunter is renamed the Steve Irwin departs Melbourne, Australia, headed for the Ross Sea to intercept and obstruct illegal Japanese whaling efforts to kill humpbacks, fin, and piked whales.