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January 2014: A pod of 250+ dolphins are held for 5 days and 4 nights while the prettiest are chosen for a life of captivity.

January 2014: Smashing Pumpkins artist Ysanne releases a new song with 100% of its proceeds going to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

January 2014: The Australian Government begins its shark cull program and claims its first victim- a female tiger shark.

February 2014: Appellate Commissioner Shaw of U.S. Court of Appeals issues recommendation in favor of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Captain Paul Watson in regards to the contempt case filed by the Institute of Cetacean Research.

February 2014: Sea Shepherd, Parley for the Oceans, and Bionic Yarn launch The Vortex Project. The project involves taking ocean waste and debris and transforming it into yarn and fabric to be used in fashion.

February 2014: Sea Shepherd Global and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society team up with Guatemala officials in order to stop poachers. The two entities will act as enforcement of Guatemala’s poaching laws, as well as educate and bring awareness to the poaching crisis. They are quickly successful, assisting the officials with documenting illegal activity of 7 boat during the 1st night of patrols

February 2014: Cove Guardian Campaign Director Scott West is denied entry into Japan.

February 2014: Television Executive Sam Simon arrives in Taiji to join the Cove Guardians.

March 2014: Sea Shepherd Australia and members of the scientific community file an application for a full judicial review of the Western Australian Government’s shark culling program. Unfortunately, the application is denied.

March 2014: Sea Shepherd successfully completes anti-poaching mission in partnership with Guatemalan authorities. On each patrol, they were able to locate and stop at least one ship fishing illegally. Further punishments are needed to increase the effectiveness of these patrols.

March 2014: Operation Infinite Patience finishes for the season. Over 800 were slaughtered and 164 were taken into captivity, with the Cove Guardians on the ground every day.

March 2014: Sea Shepherd Global launches anti-poaching campaign in West Africa with the support of the Senegalese government.

March 2014: Sea Shepherd Global unveils the newest member of its fleet, the M/Y Jairo Mora Sandoval.

March 2014: The International Court of Justice rules that Japan’s Southern Ocean whaling does not qualify as scientific research. The Court rules that Japan had indeed breached the provisions invoked such as the moratoriums on commercial whaling and factory ship, and the prohibition on commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.


April 2014: GrindStop 2014 team head to the Faroe Islands, visiting the killing beaches and testing equipment. The crew met with the Faroe Island police, and received hostility from locals.

April 2014: Sea Shepherd UK’s Scottish Seal Defense campaign picks up. Crewmembers are threatened with physical violence from members of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company. They also obtain the fastest vessel in the Sea Shepherd fleet to date, a Rigid Inflatable Boat aptly named SPITFIRE.

May 2014: Sea Shepherd Brazil launches Bleeding Ocean, an awareness campaign with a goal to help spread the word and put an end to shark finning in Brazil.

May 2014: A Sea Shepherd diver participating in the Reef Defense campaign is attacked while documenting aquarium trade wildlife trafficking. A reef fish collector rushed the diver and pulled the air regulator from her mouth. Fortunately, she survived the incident.

May 2014: Sea Shepherd Global launches Operation Siracusa off the coast of Southern Italy. The campaign aims to put an end to illegal fishing inside the Protected Marine Area of Parco del Plemmirio. In just the first nine days of the campaign, 5 illegal poaching operations were halted and 1,000 lives were saved

June 2014: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society joins forces with Ocean Alliance and launches Operation Toxic Gulf. Together, they research and document the effects of the devastating and lasting impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Among the crew is world- renowned scientist Dr. Roger Payne.

June 2014: Sea Shepherd launches the biggest Faroe Islands campaign to date, Operation Grindstop 2014. Over 500 volunteers are on the ground for this mission, which aims to end the brutal slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

July 2014: Sea Shepherd collaborates with champion free-divers to create the video, Divers for the Oceans. The video brings awareness and calls for an end to the slaughter of dolphins and whales in Taiji and the Faroe Islands.

July 2014: Pamela Anderson visits Operation Grindstop 2014 in the Faroe Islands and holds a press conference, adding her voice to call for an end of the killings.

August 2014: Sea Shepherd crews save an entire pod of whales from being viciously murdered in the Faroe Islands. A pod of 20 entered the harbor, but due to weather conditions, the killers decided to wait until morning to hunt. Knowing this was their opportunity, Sea Shepherd volunteers braved the weather to drive the whales back to safety.

August 2014: 14 Sea Shepherd crewmembers are arrested in the Faroe Islands after attempting to stop the murder of 33 whales during a “grind.”

September 2014: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians are officially on the ground in Taiji for the 5th season of Operation Infinite Patience.

September 2014: Actor Ross McCall arrives in the Faroes to join Operation GrindStop 2014, hoping to bring publicity to and spread awareness of the issue across the world

September 2014: Sea Shepherd Latin America, in conjunction with Latin Sea American Turtles Association, launches Operation Pacuare, an anti-poaching campaign to protect sea turtles on Pacuare Beach in Costa Rica.

September 2014: Sea Shepherd maintains a presence at the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia to make clear their ongoing mission to ending whaling in the Southern Ocean.

September 2014: Three Sea Shepherd crewmembers are arrested in the Faroe Islands after protecting a pod of hundreds of dolphins by preventing them from approaching the killing shores.

September 2014: Actress Shannen Doherty arrives in Taiji to join the Cove Guardians. While there, she bears witness and live streams the vicious dolphin murders.

October 2014: Actor and longtime supporter Martin Sheen and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society unveil the newest vessel in the fleet, the R/V Martin Sheen.

October 2014: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Bay Islands finishes its conservation project to save the hawksbill sea turtle. They were able to save 4,000 lives by protecting nests and hatchling from poachers, giving the species a better chance for survival.

November 2014: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s turtle defense campaign on Cabo Verde comes to an end, after the safe release of around 2,500 loggerhead hatchlings.

November 2014: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians observe the slaughter of the first pod of bottlenose dolphins, which happened on the day of the Taiji Whale Festival. Also this month, the killers capture another rare and valuable albino Risso’s dolphin.

December 2014: Cove Guardian campaign leader Melissa Sehgal is denied entry to Japan. This would have been her 5th season

December 2014: Sea Shepherd attorney files formal grievance against Japanese police in response to a claim that volunteers violated Japanese law by following a truck on public roads and taking photos to document the transportation of dolphins for captivity.

December 2014: Sea Shepherd ship the Bob Barker intercepts illegal toothfish poaching ship, the Thunder. Captain Peter Hammarstedt places the vessel under citizen’s arrest and warns that if they continue their illegal activity there will be direct intervention.

December 2014: Sea Shepherd ship, the Sam Simon retrieves 25 kilometers of illegal gillnet from the Southern Ocean.

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