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January 2015: The Sam Simon discovers another monster gillnet and begins the recovery process. Total recovered is 72 kilometers (70 tons)

January 2015: Actress and longtime supporter Pamela Anderson joins the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Advisory Board.

January 2015: Sea Shepherd Global receives 8.3 million euros from Dutch Postcode Society for the construction of the Ocean Warrior.

January 2015: The Criminal Court of Limon acquits the seven men accused of the murder of environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval.

February 2015: Thousands attend 32 peaceful demonstrations protesting the dolphin slaughter during Sea Shepherd’s ‘World Love for Dolphins Day’.

February 2015: The Bob Barker triples the record for the longest sea chase as its pursuit of the illegal fishing ship the Thunder enters its third month.

February 2015: The Sam Simon hands over evidence to authorities in Mauritius of the illegal activities of the poaching vessel the Thunder.

March 2015: The UK Supreme Court rules that Sea Shepherd UK, as well as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Paul Watson, are not liable to Maltese fishing company Fish & Fish Ltd, following the 2010 release of a catch of around 800 bluefin tuna.

March 2015: The Sam Simon resupplies and lends support to the Bob Barker in its pursuit of illegal fishing vessel, the Thunder.

March 2015: The Thunder is deregistered in Nigeria, making it a stateless pirate ship.

April 2015: The Thunder sinks. There are signs that it may have been intentionally scuttled. Sea Shepherd assists in rescue, and the crew is taken aboard the Sam Simon.

April 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announces Operation Milagro, a campaign to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. Volunteers will help to document illegal fisherman in the refuge in order to stop the decimation of this species.

April 2015: Sea Shepherd volunteers of Operation Milagro observe and document a vaquita in the wild, the first time a sighting has occurred since 2013.

April 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announces launch of Operation Jairo, a sea turtle defense campaign that will take place in Florida, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Volunteers will protect and rescue sea turtles from poachers and disorientation due to light pollution

April 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society files a petition asking the Supreme Court to review an appellate decision holding it in contempt of court based on the activities of foreign groups that opposed illegal Japanese whale hunts.

May 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society enters into a partnership agreement with the government of Mexico’s Commission of Natural Protected Areas and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection to protect the critically endangered vaquita.

May 2015: Sea Shepherd announces Operation Sleppid Grindini, the sixth campaign in the Faroe Islands. This is the strongest sea presence to date, with three vessels heading to help stop the grinds.

May 2015: The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums announces its decision to stop buying dolphins captured in Taiji.

May 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society files claims against Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research, seeking a declaration that the ICR’s whaling in the Southern Ocean is illegal, as well as an injunction preventing ICR from continuing its illegal whaling.

May 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society officially launches Operation Jairo, a sea turtle defense campaign in Honduras, Costa Rica, and Florida.

June 2015: Two new vessels join the Sea Shepherd fleet. Operated by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, based in the USA, the two decommissioned Coast Guard ships have been named the Farley Mowat and the Jules Verne. They are both 110-foot island-class fast patrol vessels.

June 2015: Just days after the start of Operation Jairo, volunteers in Costa Rica successfully halt a poaching operation by standing guard over a mother turtle as poachers wait nearby.

June 2015: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society resolves the contempt disputes with Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research. Sea Shepherd agrees to pay a settlement, and the ICR drops all claims against the former board of directors.

June 2015: 11 volunteers working on Operation Jairo in Costa Rica are physically assaulted by a group of over 10 poachers. The attack follows Sea Shepherd’s successful halt on a poaching operation days earlier. Two volunteers sustained minor injuries.

June 2015: Despite rulings from the International Whaling Commission and the International Court of Justice stating that Japan’s whaling is illegal and does not qualify as research, the Japanese whalers announce plans to return to the Southern Ocean.

July 2015: Following the 110 day chase of the Thunder by the Sea Shepherd vessel the Bob Barker, the captain, chief engineer, and second mechanic of the Thunder are charged with pollution, reckless driving, forgery, and negligence.

July 2015: Two Sea Shepherd crewmembers are arrested in the Faroe Islands after investigating the activity of 15 local boats that is generally indicative of a pilot whale drive hunt.

August 2015: Five Sea Shepherd volunteers and the entity Sea Shepherd Global are found guilty of interfering with a pilot whale drive hunt. The volunteers are sentenced with paying between $750 and $5,200 or spending 8-14 days in jail. Sea Shepherd global is fined $11,000.

August 2015: Sea Shepherd crewmembers in the Faroe Islands help to lessen the killings in a pilot whale drive hunt. Though some whales are slaughtered, many more are driven away from the shore by the Sea Shepherd ship. Five crewmembers are arrested.

August 2015: Four Sea Shepherd volunteers are deported from the Faroe Islands.

August 2015: As Sea Shepherd volunteers prepare for the sixth season in Taiji, Operation Henkaku, a Cove Guardian leader and a veteran crewmember are denied entry to Japan.

September 2015: Sea Shepherd’s small boat, the M/V Sam Simon, is seized in Scotland at the request of the Chief of Police of the Faroe Islands.

September 2015: Operation Henkaku, Sea Shepherd’s sixth season on the ground in Taiji, commences.

September 2015: Actress and Sea Shepherd supporter Pamela Anderson addresses East Russian Economic Forum in Russia and discusses issues of environmentalism and conservation.

October 2015: Sea Shepherd Galapagos holds a specialized course on environmental law for Ecuadorian Judiciary.

October 2015: The Captain, Chief Engineer, and Second Mechanic of the notorious toothfishing vessel the Thunder are found guilty of forgery, pollution, damage to the environment, and recklessness. They are sentenced to between 32 and 36 months in jail, and fined 15 million euros for charges related to pollution and damage to the environment.

October 2015: Sea Shepherd receives warning of threats by nationalists against the Cove Guardians .

November 2015: The Cove Guardian volunteers are chased and harassed by supporters of the dolphin killings.

November 2015: Operation Milagro II, the second campaign that aims to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise, commences.

November 2015: Captain Paul Watson files a petition against Costa Rica for violating his rights of due process and consular assistance.

November 2015: Sea Shepherd Global’s CEO Alex Cornelissen is served with a summons to appear in court in the Faroe Islands. The summons relates to Sea Shepherd’s defense of the pilot whales during Operation Sleppid Grindini.

December 2015: Actress Pamela Anderson joins Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Board of Directors.

December 2015: Following the unveiling of Sea Shepherd’s newest ship, the M/V Farley Mowat, the vessel begins its maiden voyage to the Sea of Cortez, where it will help to save the vaquita porpoise in Operation Milagro II.

December 2015: Cove Guardians threatened with arrest by police in Taiji for exposing brutal dolphin hunt.

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