Sea Shepherd Signs New Marine Conservation Agreement with Mexican Government

MEXICO CITY, October 25th, 2019-In an official signing presided over by Dra. Blanca Mendoza Vera, Mexico’s Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society officially entered into a new agreement to support the protection and care of marine wildlife in Mexican waters.

The meeting marks heightened cooperation and collaboration between the marine conservation group and Mexico’s PROFEPA, the enforcement arm of SEMARNAT (Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources).

Captain Locky MacLean, Sea Shepherd’s Director of Campaigns and Maritime Operations, stated “Sea Shepherd is grateful for this opportunity for increased collaboration in the protection and care of Mexico’s marine species and protected areas”, concluding “we take this responsibility very seriously, and look forward to the positive results this bolstered partnership will bring in the field”.

Sea Shepherd has been present in the Upper Gulf of California protecting the vaquita porpoise since 2015 as part of Operation Milagro. Less than 22 vaquitas remain alive. The main threat to the tiny cetacean is illegal totoaba gillnet fishing.

Expedition Sights Endangered Vaquita Porpoise and Rampant Fishing Inside Biosphere Reserve

Photo Credit: CONANP / Museo de la Ballena / Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd ship M/V Farley Mowat and Museo de la Ballena research vessel Narval encounter dozens of skiffs fishing with prohibited gillnets near a live vaquita inside protected Refuge

Vaquita Monitoring Begins in the Upper Gulf of California

San Felipe, BCN-The government of Mexico announces the second leg of the 2019 Vaquita Survey. Sea Shepherd is pleased to collaborate with The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and world-leading vaquita scientists on this important research project in waters of the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve and the Colorado River Delta. Photo identification of specimens of vaquita marina (Phocoena sinus) to verify the presence, size and characteristics of the population, will be the two-week project’s objective.

Sea Shepherd’s Recommendations Taken Seriously at CITES CoP 18

Sea Shepherd’s legal team took part in the world’s most important conference on endangered wildlife trade to make recommendations to protect the vaquita porpoise from extinction, based on the NGO’s extensive experience in the field.

Defending the Indefensible: Grieg Seafood Invites Pamela Anderson to Revisit

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Grieg Seafoods like most of the salmon farms on the coast of British Columbia are not very welcoming to visitors if they are environmentalists, independent scientists or from First Nations people with concerns about raising domestic salmon in First Nations territory.