Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors

Sea Shepherd advisors are experts in their fields.

The purpose of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Board of Advisors is to give professional and knowledgeable advice to the organization in individual areas of expertise. Our advisors come from diverse backgrounds and hold varied points of view, not always compatible with each other. We view this as a strength, providing us with a wider spectrum of viewpoints and enabling us to avoid making mistakes in areas of which the Captain and the crew of the ships may not be familiar.

Sea Shepherd Advisory Board members help the organization navigate through the waters they are familiar in. Just as the Captain requires a Pilot to enter an unfamiliar port, our advisors steer us through a sea of facts, statistics, philosophy and tactics in which we may not be knowledgeable.

Sea Shepherd advisors are experts in their fields, ranging from the scientific and technical to the philosophical and tactical. Most importantly, they are people with a wealth of experience in their fields.

All of Sea Shepherd’s advisors are supporters of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, although they may not agree with us on every issue or endorse every tactic and strategy we employ. What is important is that they all share a deep concern for protecting and conserving the diversity of life in our oceans.

Sea Shepherd’s advisors have no legal responsibility for the actions of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Scientific, Technical, and Conservation Advisory Board

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Tui De Roy
Dave Foreman
Dr. Birute Galdikas
Randall H. Hayes
Dr. Herbert Henrich
Dr. Sidney Holt
Captain Jet Johnson
Dr. Louise Leakey
Dr. Joe MacInnis
Dr. Godfrey Merlen
Grant Pereira

Legal and Law Enforcement Advisory Board

Oliver Wallasch
Richard Tendler, ESQ

Financial and Management Advisory Board

John Paul DeJoria
Mike Galesi
Bill Tai
David Marquart
Doug Himmel

Photography Advisory Board

Jody Boyman
Marc Gaede
Chris Jordan
Barbara Veiga

Media and Arts Advisory Board

Pamela Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson
Brigitte Bardot
Linda Blair
Berkeley Breathed
Pierce Brosnan
Paul Brown
Holly Marie Combs
Sean Connery
Linda G. Fisher
Hannah Fraser
Michael Goldschlager
Daryl Hannah
Anthony Kiedis
Pieter Kroonenburg
Lauren Maddox
Shaun Monson
Sean Penn
Jacques Perrin
Michelle Rodriguez
Martin Sheen
Les Stroud
George Sumner
Geert-Jan Vons
Tom Waes
Diane Warren
Sylvie Guillem

Animal Welfare, Humane and Animal Rights Advisory Board 

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni
James Costa
Alex Pacheco
Clémentine Pallanca

Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board

Stephanie Gilmore
Patrizia Maiorca
Herbert Nitsch
Dave Rastovich
Kelly Slater

Children’s Education and Activities Advisory Board

Isabel Dow

Posthumous Advisory Board Members

Rafe Mair
Rutger Hauer
Sam Simon

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