Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Board of Directors make strategic short and long term decisions for the organization. They serve without compensation or other tangible incentives.

Pritam Singh

Chairman & Vice President

Pritam Singh is an environmental and social activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and engaged student of religion and philosophy. In numerous movements and organizations for almost five decades, Singh has worked, supported and affected change to conserve our oceans, protect animals, educate and nurture children, and promote both progressive political change and the transformative power of understanding and compassion. He previously served as President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, having supported Sea Shepherd and its founder Paul Watson for over 30 years. He is the President of Rose Apple Society of Contemplative Study. Singh received his Sikh name in 1976 at the Golden Temple in Amritsar India. He has been a decades long student and collaborator with the renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh assisting him with the editing and publishing of six books and as representative of the Plum Village Community worldwide. He is a member of the Order of Interbeing, and an initiated Buddhist Dharma teacher He was instrumental in the founding of the first Mindfulness Practice Center in the United States, the Mindfulness Training Institute, Maple Forest Monastery and Deer Park Monastery. He also leads his family’s charitable efforts.  He is the Founder and President of the Singh group of companies, which is today the leading hotel, development and management company in Key West and the Florida Keys. The Singh group, founded in 1979, has gained a national reputation for the adaptive reuse of obsolete properties, historic renovation, environmental remediation and award-winning design.

Mike Galesi


Mike Galesi is a successful businessman and entrepreneur from the New York metropolitan area. He runs a commercial real estate business that began three generations ago. He and his partners now own and operate properties up and down the eastern seaboard where they redevelop strip shopping centers and office buildings. In addition, he is also a stone carver as well as a musician/songwriter and producer of original music, which has always been one of the great passions in his life.

Mike is very passionate when it comes to conservation, on land and by sea actively preserving wilderness areas and defending wildlife.  – spending much of his time kayaking, wilderness camping, and scuba diving. For many years he has been actively researching and contacting various conservation groups that he could become involved with, and ended-up finding that many of these conservation organizations have very high overheads with little or no actual results. It was only after learning about Sea Shepherd and meeting Paul Watson that he knew that this was the organization he could fully get behind. For over 20 years he has been committed to do whatever he could to keep the Sea Shepherd fleet in the water and providing assistance with many campaigns.

James Costa


James Costa is a philanthropist and humanitarian who primarily resides in Los Angeles, California. He is co-vice president of the board of directors for The International Documentary Association, chair of the president’s council for The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and advisory member of The Sabre Foundation — an organization that donates books worldwide.

He produced and directed the documentary Lunch Hour about the National School Lunch Program and childhood obesity. This film raises awareness of the urgency of this insidious disease and inspires Americans to work together to create change for the sake of our children. He is a proud supporter of Sea Shepherd, hosting several events at his residence that have raised over a million dollars. He believes that without Sea Shepherd our oceans would face a devastating fate.

Clementine Pallanca


Farley Mowat

International Chairman (Posthumous)

First and foremost, a naturalist who worked tirelessly with Canada’s First Nations, Farley Mowat was an environmentalist and an advocate of Sea Shepherd’s mission to defend, conserve and protect our oceans. He was the author of numerous prolific publications including Never Cry Wolf, A Whale For The Killing, and Sea of Slaughter. To honor his tireless commitment to conservation, Sea Shepherd christened one of its vessels to bare his name. Today, the MY Farley Mowat sails the high seas, taking part in numerous campaigns against unlawful fishing activities.