Protecting Endangered Sea Turtles along the Shores of Florida, Honduras and Costa Rica

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Operation Jairo II campaign, defends endangered populations of green, leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley and loggerhead turtles in Florida, Costa Rica and Honduras. These icons of the ocean face many threats to their lives including poaching, fishing net entanglement, trash and light pollution, and destruction of their habitat.

Due to a number of threats, there has been an alarming decline in sea turtle populations around the world. All seven species of marine turtles are currently listed as threatened or endangered. Sea turtles have called our oceans “home,” for over 500 million years. Our 2015 Operation Jairo campaign saved over 12,000 turtles and hatchlings so the expectation for Operation Jairo II in 2016 is even greater!