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Make a difference:

  • Do not support Sea World or other swim with dolphin attractions
  • Go on a Whale Watching Tour
  • Do not support companies that sell tickets to these attractions
  • Educate others about captivity
  • Watch documentaries about captivity such as The Cove or Blackfish
  • Sign petitions against corporations and companies that support Captivity
  • Vote for bills and support laws against cetacean captivity
  • Attend protests against dolphinariums
  • Donate to non-profits against captivity such as Sea Shepherd

 Join our undercover team:

Operation 404 needs your help!  With 331 documented dolphinariums around the world and dozens more planned to open this year, we need your footage to help shut these dolphin prisons down!

If you have information or documentation of dolphins or whales being mistreated, showing signs of illness or abuse, living in tanks that are clearly too small, dirty, damaged, etc. Sea Shepherd wants to know! Please send us an email today!

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