Baby Orca Death Could be Linked to Salmon Farm Virus

A new study has identified that Piscine Reovirus, a Norwegian virus introduced in BC by salmon farms is reported to cause Chinook salmon cells to explode and could be a missing link to explain why resident whales are starving to extinction.

July 25th, 2018 [Vancouver, BC] – On July 23rd an orca born into the critically endangered Southern Resident orca population died within hours of birth. Despite the decline of Orcas due to the loss of Chinook salmon, their primary food source, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Jonathan Wilkinson, refuses to screen farmed salmon for a virus that causes Chinook salmon blood cells to rupture “en masse”.

Sea Shepherd’s R/V Martin Sheen Cleared to Enter Canada


Sea Shepherd’s research vessel, the R/V Martin Sheen, arrives in British Columbia to study the impact that farmed salmon has on wild salmon populations for the third year.

The R/V Martin Sheen Detained in Victoria

Sea Shepherd Vessel MARTIN SHEEN detained in Victoria

The Sea Shepherd U.S. flagged sailing vessel MARTIN SHEEN is being detained in Victoria, British Columbia. Canadian Customs has refused to grant clearance despite advanced notice of the arrival of the vessel from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Two salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago are now under occupation by First Nations

by Alexandra Morton

Marine Harvest has paused restocking their Midsummer farm after a stand off between their packer and First Nations and now the occupiers are digging in. As the weather deteriorates they are making preparations as winter is coming. Communities are rallying around them. Other nations are noticing. Many are talking about individual “chiefs” who have sold out and given these companies access to BC waters for personal gain, with no consultation with the people.

Heroes Rising

Heroes Rising

by Alexandra Morton

As I continued to document the viruses spreading from salmon farms like an oil spill, fighting the Minister of Fisheries, Marine Harvest and Cermaq in court for mandatory farm salmon testing for the highly-contagious piscine orthoreovirus, as well defending myself against Marine Harvest’s lawsuit against me for touching their farm with a teaspoon to collect a sample, I got welcome news.

So this is what happened on August 2nd

To start the day we noticed by sight at Sonora Point fish farm that one of pens looked a little suspicious. So I asked the workers if there was any fish in that pen, which I already knew by sight there was. The workers lied and said there were no fish of any kind in that pen so that upset me.