The R/V Martin Sheen Detained in Victoria

Sea Shepherd Vessel MARTIN SHEEN detained in Victoria

The Sea Shepherd U.S. flagged sailing vessel MARTIN SHEEN is being detained in Victoria, British Columbia. Canadian Customs has refused to grant clearance despite advanced notice of the arrival of the vessel from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is Closure of BC Central Coast Roe Fishery a Red Herring? #SayNotoROE

MARCH 4th 2018
Hornby Island, Strait of Georgia, BC, CANADA

The herring stocks of West Coast Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, and Prince Rupert have already collapsed. The Federal Government’s recent closure of the Central Coast area, an already wiped out herring fishery, only takes attention away from the slaughter taking place right now in the Strait of Georgia.

Breaking Discovery on New Impact Salmon Farms Have on the Wild

Sea Shepherd and scientist Alexandra Morton have new evidence on the impacts that salmon farms have on wild fish in British Columbia, Canada.

Sea Shepherd’s research vessel, the R/V Martin Sheen, is currently in the middle of Operation Virus Hunter II, a salmon defense campaign off the coast of British Columbia, assisting Morton in her investigation on the impact that salmon farms have on wild salmon and herring populations in the province.

Fight For Wild Salmon Escalates in British Columbia After Washington’s Farmed Salmon Spill

Second salmon farm now occupied by First Nations

Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw arrive at Wicklow Fish Farm to begin the occupation

The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw, led by Hereditary Chief Willie Moon, occupied another Marine Harvest salmon farm, Wicklow Point, in the Broughton Archipelago off northeastern Vancouver Island, on Thursday.

This second occupation follows their August 23rd day-long peaceful occupation of Cermaq’s Burdwood Farm.

First Nations Occupy Salmon Farm Until British Columbia Government Cancels License of Occupation

Ernest shakes hands with RCMP he knows them and teaches their kids

Hereditary Chief Ernest Alexander Alfred, along with a group of First Nations people, have peacefully occupied the Marine Harvest salmon farm, Swanson Island.

They state they will remain on the farm until their Chiefs are satisfied that the Province of British Columbia has cancelled that farm’s Licence of Occupation and forcing it to leave their territory. The farm is located 17km east of Alert Bay.

First Nation Members Take Action on Salmon Farm; Sea Shepherd on Scene to Support

Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw take action at Cermaq salmon farm off northeastern Vancouver Island

Musgamagw Dzwada’enuxw in their territorry ocupy burdwood farm

The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw, led by Herditary Chief Willie Moon, occupied the Cermaq salmon farm, Burdwood, in their territory in the Broughton Archipelago off northeastern Vancouver Island, on Wednesday.

Concurrently, Fraser River First Nations are holding a rally at noon in the city of Vancouver outside the Department of Fisheries and Oceans offices. The rally is in support of the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw action at the salmon farm to reclaim their territory from outside businesses profiting off their waters without permission and affecting their most important food resource.

Sea Shepherd Vessel Tailed by Corporate Fish Farm Boats in Western Canada

The R/V Martin Sheen’s research mission to protect wild salmon is being watched and documented by Norwegian giant Marine Harvest

news-170815-1-3-170809-SA-Chief-George-Jr-inspects-the-fish-pens-at-depth-using-a-GoPro-on-a-fishing-rod-003-1444-1200w (1).jpgNorwegian-based Marine Harvest, which owns numerous salmon farms occupying the coastal Pacific waters in Canada, appears to be sending local employees to tail Sea Shepherd while the non-profit conservation group conducts its wild salmon defense campaign, Operation Virus Hunter II.

Sea Shepherd’s vessel, the RVMartin Sheen is currently off the coast of British Columbia with independent biologist Alexandra Morton, stopping at various salmon farms to conduct audits for disease and other factors. Recent discoveries include tens of thousands of wild herring trapped in post-harvest salmon pens belonging to Marine Harvest and Cermaq.

Sea Shepherd Discovers Wild Fish Trapped in British Columbia’s Salmon Farm Pens

Video footage captures startling evidence

One week after launching its wild salmon defense campaign, Operation Virus Hunter II, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is already making alarming discoveries: wild fish trapped in farmed salmon pens.

Sea Shepherd Research Vessel Returns to Canada to Investigate Farmed Salmon Industry

Biologist Alexandra Morton, actor/activist Martin Sheen, environmentalist David Suzuki to kick off campaign July 27th, 2017

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is reteaming with renowned Canadian biologist Alexandra Morton on Operation Virus Hunter II, the non-profit organization’s wild salmon defense campaign.

The campaign will launch on July 27th with a press conference at Vancouver’s False Creek Harbor at 1 p.m. on board Sea Shepherd’s R/VMartin Sheen.

Sea Shepherd Launches Campaign to Investigate Farmed Salmon Industry

Biologist Alexandra Morton, actor/activist Pamela Anderson and environmentalist David Suzuki to speak at press conference on July 18

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has teamed with renowned Canadian biologist Alexandra Morton and actor/activist Pamela Anderson for Operation Virus Hunter, a new campaign investigating the lawfulness of the salmon farming industry in British Columbia.