Children’s Education and Activities Advisory Board

Isabel Dow

Isabel Dow, born in 2002, is from Brisbane, Australia. In 2009, she became one of 12 children selected worldwide by Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors as a Joey Ambassador. Her main purpose was to bring awareness and education to her peers and others. Australia Zoo hospital treats up to 7,000 animals in any given year, ranging from injured koalas, kangaroos, green tree frogs to injured marine animals, including the threatened loggerhead turtles. She has shown remarkable passion and enthusiasm. Isabel not only represented Australia Zoo, but became passionate about all animals and because as Sea Shepherd and Australia Zoo work hand-in-hand, she attended and promotes children’s perspectives at all Sea Shepherd functions and rallies where she can. Terri Irwin herself has even described her as “the rebel Joey that will be found tied to a whales back protesting one day.” More and more adults are starting to believe Steve Irwin’s ideology that children are tomorrow’s decision makers and have just as much empowerment to change matters of the environment as adults do.

Isabel’s plans include getting a Sea Shepherd program up and running called KISS (Kids in Sea Shepherd) to encourage children to get involved in matters of the environment.  She also plans to raise awareness to other children about their future ecological issues. Her goal is to make it fun for kids to help make the world a better place, for animals as well as human beings.