David Hance: Chief Operating Officer

180919-06-David-Hance-011_Retouch-WebDavid joined the executive management team of Sea Shepherd in 2016, after being a member of the organization since 2009.  David has served as an on shore volunteer, crew-member on the ships and also spent two years as the organization’s campaign coordinator.

Currently David oversees the organization’s day-to-day operations in the Burbank HQ office, and after spending 11 years in private business management and operational roles, he brings a vast network of experiences to the team.

In 2007, David launched a private investigation firm in Southern California, with the focus of the firm being on Civil Rights and Criminal Defense cases.  David’s firm became one of the most sought after firms by attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area, due to their hard work and diligence in protecting and defending human rights.  David continues to be an advisor to local civil rights investigators and remains active in his community, fighting for equal rights for all people.

In addition to David’s passion for human rights, he is equally as zealous about the state of our oceans and the atrocities that occur in the seas around the world.  David applies his business experience, coupled with his passion, to ensure that Sea Shepherd remains an active and effective ocean conservation organization.

Farrah Smith: Director of Major Gifts

Farrah Smith joined the staff of Sea Shepherd as the Senior Leadership Giving Officer in 2011. She is responsible for maintaining relationships with major donors, celebrities, and Advisory Board members.  Farrah also coordinates fundraising events and public speaking engagements.

In 2016, Farrah produced a short film directed by actor/filmmaker Ross McCall titled “The Grind of the Faroe Islands” about Sea Shepherd’s campaign to protect pilot whales in the Danish Isles.

Prior to Sea Shepherd, Farrah’s corporate experience started in Las Vegas in 2005, where she worked as the Director of Relationship Marketing for “W Hotels Worldwide”, overseeing the company’s high net worth clientele.

Following that position, Farrah moved to a prestigious position as the VIP Sales Director, for the luxury high-rise, “City Center Residential”.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Farrah became the Director of Sales and Special Events for the “Innovative Dining Group”, where she was responsible for building and maintaining key industry relationships with high-profile clients, managers, producers and studio/network executives.

After viewing the popular reality television series “Whale Wars”, on Animal Planet, Farrah was inspired by Captain Paul Watson and the volunteer crewmembers, as they risked their lives on the high seas to defend whales in the Southern Ocean.  Farrah decided that she wanted to utilize her extensive experience in sales, marketing and celebrity relations to help fundraise to support the efforts of Sea Shepherd.

Her goal is to continue to be an advocate for the oceans and the amazing marine animals that live in them, and to leave this world a better place for future generations.

Omar Todd: Director of Special Operations and Executive Assistant to Captain Paul Watson

staff-Omar-Todd-550wOmar was previously the Global Chief Technical Director and Chief Information Officer for 10 years for Sea Shepherd world-wide but is now Captain Paul Watson’s trusted Executive Personal Assistant. Omar’s extensive business experience, entertainment experience and information technology experience with cyber security makes him the perfect, “fixer” and “problem solver”. Omar travels and works with Captain Paul Watson extensively. Omar brings forward thinking, analytical, creative and innovative resolutions to complex problems which remain commercially focused whilst adhering to conservation principles in a demanding environment. From time to time he also does VIP liaison and gives speeches and talks about Sea Shepherd. Omar considers his Sea Shepherd role to be by far his most satisfying ever and despite his other responsibilities, he puts his Sea Shepherd work first and foremost.