What do you do?

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protects our oceans and marine wildlife by investigating, documenting, reporting, deterring, and stopping those who destroy species and ecosystems. We are an international non-profit and a global movement, with the vessels, the volunteers, the passion, and the government partnerships to defend our seas like no other organization can.

How is Sea Shepherd different?

We are the largest private navy in the world to take action, putting ourselves on the front lines in the war against poaching. Our approach is distinctive. We lead aggressive and collaborative campaigns, providing government agencies with the vessels, crew and fuel they need to patrol their waters, enforce law and make arrests on the spot. We remove killer nets, conduct vital marine research, clean beaches, patrol waters and do so much more in service of our seas.

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What are the stakes?

Life and death.

Hundreds of thousands of marine animals – some of them already endangered – are targeted and trapped by poachers each year. The sustainability of the planet is at risk, too; if the ocean dies, so does humanity. We must be unrelenting in protecting the seas and stopping those who destroy habitats and marine life.

Are you the government?

No. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a private, non-profit organization. However, we increasingly form partnerships with governments that share our goal of stopping poachers and polluters. We provide our ships to help them patrol waters, which in turn helps us by advancing our mission to defend, conserve and protect the seas.

How are you set up?

crew pulling netSea Shepherd Conservation Society is predominantly a volunteer-based organization. We are located in the United States with 22 local chapters across North America. Each chapter participates in fundraising efforts, local environmental actions, educational visits, and community outreach. They are run by volunteers, and are always looking for more dedicated individuals to join their efforts.

Worldwide, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society coordinates with but operate autonomously from Sea Shepherd Global (Insert link), which is based in Amsterdam and serves as the coordinating hub for other independent Sea Shepherd entities around the world. Put together, Sea Shepherd is a global force, united to defend ocean life and their habitats.

Black Jolly Roger LogoWhat’s with the pirate flag?

Our Jolly Roger logo represents our fight against piracy against the oceans whether that be illegal whaling, IUU (illegal, unreported, unregulated) fishing, or poaching in marine reserves. Our logo contains a shepherd’s crook and Neptune’s trident to symbolize our mission to conserve, defend, and protect our oceans. Our logo also features a dolphin and whale inspired by the yin-yang symbol to represent the fragile balance of our ocean’s ecosystems.

Where do you operate?

Our ships can most often be found in ports and surrounding oceans of the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America, but we do not necessarily have any geographical restrictions. Sea Shepherd Global coordinates ships and crew based in other parts of the world.

Where is your fleet and what is it doing?

You can keep up to date with each of our ships and the campaigns they are on around the world by following them on Facebook:

The MV White Holly
The MY Farley Mowat
The MV Sharpie
The RV Martin Sheen
The MV John Paul DeJoria

What kind of tactics do you use?

We are action-oriented and this determined attitude has been a defining part of our identity since our inception in 1977. However, we believe fiercely in non-violence and have enshrined that in our charter. We have never caused or sustained a single injury in confronting violent poachers, which speaks to the values we uphold and the professionalism of both our officers and our courageous volunteer crews.

How can I help?

You can donate in a huge variety of ways – no amount is too small and all gifts are appreciated.

You can join the most active volunteer marine organization in the world, donating your time on shore or at sea.

You can support us by shopping at the Sea Shepherd online store for ethical merchandise, with proceeds benefiting our campaigns throughout the year.

You can engage us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using the hashtag #ForTheOceans.

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Why are donations so vital?

Your support directly leads to saving the lives of countless dolphins, seals, whales, fish and much more. Private support makes our work possible!

Your donations drive our enforcement and conservation efforts and strengthens our resolve. Having the financial means to patrol our vessels allows us to rescue animals and defend, conserve and protect our seas. It is that vital.

Have a media inquiry?

Please send media inquiries to:

Tamara Arenovich, Communications Coordinator
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All other inquiries:

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 8628
Alexandria, Virginia 22306

For donation inquiries, please email: donations@seashepherd.org
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Operations and Finance

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Donor Relations and Major Gifts

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In addition, we can also provide:
  • A Sea Shepherd Conservation Society spokesperson for commentary
  • A local chapter representative in your local area for interviews
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