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Read online news articles below about Operation Jairo and the issues surrounding the preservation of sea turtles.

July 7, 2015 — TakePart – United States
Environmentalists Attacked for Protecting One of the Ocean’s Most Endangered Animals
There’s trouble in eco-paradise. Costa Rica, long hailed as a resolute steward of the environment, is failing to protect endangered sea turtles and their eggs along the nation’s Caribbean coast, leaving most of that work to volunteers who have faced violent and even deadly attacks by poachers, en … read more

January 27, 2015 — The Costa Rica Star – Costa Rica
Sea Shepherd’s Statement on the Jairo Mora Injustice
The following press release on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Jairo Mora Sandoval murder trial was kindly provided to The Costa Rica Star by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. VERDICT ISSUED IN JAIRO MORA CASE: COURT COULD NOT CONDEMN THE MURDERERS, BUT WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE January 27th, 20 … read more

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