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Richard Tendler, ESQOliver Wallasch

Richard Tendler, Esq.

Richard Tendler is, by trade, a criminal defense attorney based in South Florida.  As a former Cove Guardian, he is a passionate lover of marine life,

animals, and the environment.  Richard has dedicated his career to the field of criminal defense.  Beginning at the Public Defender’s Office representing indigent clients in criminal court, Richard learned what it means to stand up for the voiceless.  He has followed the same principles and mission statement as Sea Shepherd—Stand and get in the way of any government, group, or evil force that tries to trample over the rights of any being.  Similar to Sea Shepherd not being a protest organization, Richard has often been quoted, “It isn’t my job to make the trains run on time.”

Statement of Support:  Sea Shepherd has taught me so many life lessons.  Although the memories of being a Cove Guardian still haunt me to this day, it brought home a new appreciation for life and all the motivation necessary to work to protect our planet and sea life.  I look forward to continuing to support Sea Shepherd and being a small part of this incredible worldwide movement.

Oliver Wallasch


Wallasch & Koch
Specialist in Criminal Law

Oliver is a German-based criminal attorney, specializing in cross-border cases and extradition law. He has been working in this field of law for 15 years.

He is a patron of the British NGO, Fair Trials International. Since 1992 Fair Trials International has worked to increase the protection of fair trial rights and defend the rights of people facing criminal charges in a country other than their own. Oliver’s vision is of a world where every person’s right to a fair trial is respected, regardless of his or her nationality or where they are accused.

Oliver became part of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society when Captain Paul Watson was arrested at Frankfurt International Airport in May 2012 on outdated and bogus charges issued by Costa Rica. Oliver coordinated the worldwide acting legal team for Captain Watson against these false charges issued by Costa Rica and Japan.

He advises SSCS in all legal matters – especially cross-border issues.

Statement of support: In 2012 I had the honor of becoming a member of this great organization- Sea Shepherd. I became friends with these wonderful people who are doing everything in their power to protect our planet Earth, and I am proud to be a small part of it.