Pamela Anderson Proudly Joins Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors

Pamela Anderson Becomes the Newest Member of Sea Shepherd’s Advisory Board

Pamela Anderson
Newest Member of Sea Shepherd’s Advisory Board

Pamela Anderson’s iconic blonde bombshell persona made her a household name, but for as long as she’s been a successful television star, she has also been a fearless animal right’s activist. A long time supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its founder, Captain Paul Watson, Pamela adds another achievement to her list by joining the international organization’s prestigious Media and Arts Advisory Board.

Pamela has not only dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and environmental protection, but she has also bravely fought on the frontlines for change. In the Summer of 2014, Pamela traveled to the Faroe Islands to publicly speak about the brutal mass slaughter of pilot whales known as the Grind. In 2006, the Canadian native spoke up against the Canadian seal slaughter at the Juno Awards, sparking the strongest protests ever against the barbaric practice.

In the ‘90s, Pamela was one of the first celebrities to join PETA’s anti-fur campaign, starting a trend many celebrities would later follow. Pamela’s list of philanthropic accomplishments is long and varied. She has successfully campaigned to bring to light Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) horrific treatment of chickens, as well as numerous campaigns to save the seals, stop animal testing, and ban the use of fur (including importation of fur to Russia). Through these and many other efforts, Pamela has proven to be one of the most influential defenders of animal of rights in the world. She has spoken on the subject of animal rights to government legislatures, and at universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Pamela has justly received many awards and recognitions including Mercy for Animals Sam Simon Award for being a defender of animal rights, and in 2014 was named Grand Dame of Montenegro in recognition of her animal activism. She is also the recipient of the Linda McCartney Memorial Award, presented to her by Sir Paul McCartney, to recognize her dedicated work as a staunch defender of animal rights.

Over the years, Pamela has served numerous other charitable causes including MAC Cosmetic’s MAC AIDS Fund, American Liver Foundation, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Pamela has also been deeply involved in supporting groups working on climate change issues such as Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution as well as Cool Earth.

Now, Pamela is proud to leverage her many years in public philanthropy with the creation of her own charity—The Pamela Anderson Foundation. The Pamela Anderson Foundation will provide support and funding directly to those organizations on the front lines protecting and defending the rights of the planet and all those that live within it.

Her generous heart and deep consideration for life are almost as irresistible as her legendary charm and beauty. It is with these remarkable traits that she has made international headlines for herself as well as shaped a legacy of caring about the causes she holds dear.

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