World Love for Dolphins Day 2017

Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Supporters Worldwide for World Love for Dolphins Day on February 14, 2017

Demonstrations against the global captive dolphin trade responsible for Taiji’s brutal dolphin hunts to take place worldwide.

As another season of dolphin slaughter draws to a close, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling on volunteers, supporters and concerned individuals around the world to join with us and our Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians as we show our love for dolphins and call for an end to the captive dolphin trade that funds the slaughter of cetaceans in Taiji’s infamous cove.

On Tuesday, February 14th, Sea Shepherd will teach the world about the link between captivity and the cove with peaceful World Love for Dolphins Day demonstrations across North America and overseas. Sea Shepherd chapters will host demos at Japanese Consulates and local businesses that profit directly from the dolphin slaughter by trading on their surviving family members and stand in solidarity with Sea Shepherd’s volunteer Cove Guardians currently on the ground in Taiji.  On Valentine’s day, animal lovers across the globe will show the world that there is nothing loving about captivity.

Every year, for the past six years, Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians have patrolled the Taiji cove, where entire families of cetaceans are driven into the cove and either kidnapped and sold into captivity or ruthlessly killed. The tremendous amount of profit that the Japanese killers are getting for each captured dolphin, is truly the root of the evil that permeates the tiny town of Taiji, Japan. The love and compassion that people around the world have for these amazing creatures is evident in the support for the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian campaign and their loud voices against captivity.

“Our utmost desire is to see a day when captivity is completely abolished and these beautiful, intelligent beings are allowed to roam free throughout the world’s oceans, instead of being put into tiny tanks and forced to perform tricks, just to get their next meal.” said David Hance, Chief Operating Officer for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. “Please join Sea Shepherd on February 14th, as we stand up against captivity and against those companies that help perpetuate this horrific industry,” added Hance.

How can you participate in “World Love for Dolphins Day” demonstrations?

1. Demonstrate at a Japanese Consulate or at Local Businesses That Support the Captive Dolphin Trade

Join Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians at these locations to educate the public about the connection between the slaughter and the show and encourage the Japanese government, and local businesses to stop supporting the dolphin hunt. Download and print a poster, and join us.

If you are interested in organizing a demonstration at a location near you, please email to set up your approved event.

Posters (click to download PDF)



Leaflet (click to download PDF)


** More cities to be announced soon! Please stay tuned for updates! ** 


*Due to certain businesses having higher traffic during the weekend, some chapters will hold their peaceful demonstrations on February 12th

Please RSVP on our chapter Facebook pages for more details!

February 12th

Vancouver – Vancouver Aquarium Feb 12th
845 Avison Way
Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2

Tampa – SeaWorld Feb 12th
SeaWorld Orlando
7007 Sea World Dr.
Orlando, FL 32821

San Diego – SeaWorld Feb 12th
500 Sea World Dr,
San Diego, CA 92109

February 14th

Los Angeles – Japanese Consulate
350 S. Grand Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Toronto – Japanese Consulate
77 King St W.
Toronto, ON M5K 1A2

NorCal – Consulate General of Japan
275 Battery St
San Francisco, CA 94111

Austin – Japanese Consulate
909 Fannin St.
Houston, TX 77010

Baltimore/DC – Japanese Embassy
2520 Massachusetts Ave N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Ottawa – Parliament Hill
Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4
11:30pm – 1pm

Denver – Japanese Consulate
1225 17th St
Denver, CO 80202
11:30am – 1pm

Seattle – Japanese Consulate
601 Union St
Seattle, WA 98101

Miami – Japanese Consulate
80 SW 8th St #3200
Miami, FL 33130

Boston –  South Station (Japanese Consulate)
700 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02111
12 – 2PM

** More cities to be announced soon! Please stay tuned for updates! ** 

2. Take a “selfie” with one of the posters above, post it on Facebook and tag us!

We’ll be posting some of the best pictures on our official Sea Shepherd page.

For a staggering six months of each year, from September 1st until March, entire families of dolphins and small whales are driven into Taiji’s killing cove. Once netted within the shallow waters of the cove, their fate is sealed and the members of these doomed pods will face either imprisonment in captivity or brutal slaughter before the eyes of their families.

Killers and trainers work side-by-side to select the “prettiest” dolphins and whales for captivity, those without visible scars. The others are mercilessly stabbed with a metal spike inserted into their backs, just behind the blowhole, to sever their spine. The dolphins slowly and painfully bleed to death or drown in the blood of their family—others may die as they are dragged to the butcher house, where the once living and free cetaceans are processed into meat for human consumption.

These inhumane killings would not be allowed in any slaughterhouse in the world. Japan refuses to sign on to many protection efforts and regulations for marine mammals, despite most of the world recognizing the need to protect these self-aware, beloved and imperiled animals.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society first brought the cove to the world’s attention by capturing and releasing now-iconic footage and imagery of the brutal hunts and slaughters in 2003, during which the cove turned a blood-red. Later the Academy Award-winning film “The Cove” again shone a spotlight on the hunts, bringing worldwide attention to the killings. Many individuals thought the film succeeded in bringing an end to the hunts, but that was not the case. So in 2010, Sea Shepherd established Operation Infinite Patience and our volunteer Cove Guardians took up positions alongside the cove to document, report and live stream these atrocities in the hope of capturing attention to bring pressure to bear to stop these barbaric acts.

Sea Shepherd is the only organization to have a team on the ground in Taiji each day throughout the entire six-month killing season, and the only group who live streams every capture and every kill for the world to see. Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians will not stop shining a light on this atrocity until the slaughter ends.

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