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Cetaceans are aquatic mammals—such as dolphins, orcas and whales—are beautiful, intelligent, relationship driven creatures that deserve a life spent outside concrete walls. In the wild, these creatures swim up to forty miles a day while searching for food and swimming with their pods. Cetaceans are extremely intelligent creatures-they have an additional paralimbic lobe in their brain, which scientists believe give them the ability to process emotions at a higher level than human beings. Their advanced cognitive levels enable them to experience pain, stress, and heartbreak the same manner in which human beings do.

As a result of being in captivity, they are forced to live a lifeless existence in a tiny tank, no bigger than most swimming pools, without their families for the remainder of their lives. A life in captivity means compromised health, unnatural behavior, restrictions and misery.

There are more then 5,000 documented cetaceans that have died in captivity since the 1950’s, and an estimated 2,913 still currently in captivity worldwide. Captive dolphins are forcefully captured and thrust into numerous industry schemes such as entertainment shows, trainer for a day, swim with dolphin programs, assisted therapy, or photography options. This greedy money for profit causes unrelenting physical and mental trauma, ultimately adversely affecting their health and causing their untimely death.

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