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Jean Paul Geoffroy is Sea Shepherd’s Director of Government Affairs for Latin America. Originally from Chile, he spent much of his childhood on San Cristóbal Island in the Galápagos Archipelago.

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering but spent several years working in the fields of recreational and technical scuba diving, hyperbaric medicine, and marine conservation. These experiences fueled his love for the ocean and his desire to help protect marine biodiversity. JP spent many years working as a volunteer fireman specializing in underwater and mountain rescue, showcasing his courage, compassion, and desire to help others. In recent years, his efforts have extended to helping the planet’s most vulnerable citizens: the animals.

He has served as a crew member on multiple Sea Shepherd campaigns over the years in roles varying from deckhand, to media, to campaign leader.

In his current position, JP serves as a liaison with governmental bodies, working closely with international authorities to establish and maintain partnership agreements relating to the protection of the ocean and its most vulnerable species.

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