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Sea Shepherd Science

Sea Shepherd supports research to protect marine wildlife

We support research to create new protected areas

To reach the global goal of protecting 30 percent of the oceans by the year 2030, many countries are now creating Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) at an accelerated pace. MPA creation is a multi-faceted, collaborative process, but the critical first step is always research. Sea Shepherd ships have assisted scientists in North and South America, Africa, and Europe to identify priority biodiversity hot spots and species of concern.

We support research to monitor and patrol existing protected areas

In many countries, government staff have difficulty reaching protected areas to patrol or to do basic research and monitoring. Sea Shepherd plans joint campaigns with protected area staff to sustain in-country research and conservation efforts while patrolling protected areas.

We support research that underpins effective management

Science is a critical tool for evaluating management of fisheries and protected areas. Science is required to build a case for reduced fishing quotas, bans on destructive fishing gear, improved enforcement, or increased protection for marine species. Sea Shepherd ships provide researchers the ability to conduct science at sea.

We support research that contributes to global understanding of IUU fishing

In partnership with governments and NGOs, Sea Shepherd contributes to research on IUU fishing fleets, methods, and movements.

Research makes us more effective

Sea Shepherd is a science-driven organization. We seek accurate knowledge about people and the environment to inform our strategic decisions about supporting MPAs in the real world. Research collaborations help to sustain long-term, in-country partnerships that are the backbone of successful conservation efforts.

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