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Sea Shepherd Marketplace

Sea Shepherd Partners

Choose from a variety of products and services offered by generous, ocean loving vendors who will donate a portion of the purchase amount to Sea Shepherd.

Copper Neily Creations

Ryan Neily of Copper Neily Creations, has been working with copper for 28 years. He creates one-of-a-kind art pieces using copper, recycled materials & gem stones.

Copper Neily Creations is donating $10.00 for each Pendant sold & $20.00 for each Suncatcher to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Divine Luxury Soap

Divine Luxury Soap: A Family Soap. Made in USA. We’re breaking-bad-habits: no chemicals, nothing artificial. All bars have Colloidal Silver and pure essential oil (no perfume nor fragrance). Our handmade soaps are 100 % natural and are medically designed and formulated to provide the best in skincare. Let’s stand by our love of nature. Your Bliss Is Our Wish.

FROG and TOAD Créations

FROG and TOAD Créations was founded by French-based designers of Amigurumi and Educational products. 100% of the proceeds from their specially designed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Amigurumi pattern will be donated to our organization.

Love Hope

We are an environmentally focused company whose goal is to help protect the planet and animals, by donating to environmental causes. We donate 10-30% of the profit of every sale. We believe that by giving back, we can make the world a better place, for everyone. Let’s live in a world full of Love and Hope.