April 26, 2018

Critically Endangered Turtle Rescue on Earth Day

Sea Shepherd crew saves the life of an adult leatherback turtle entangled in illegal gillnet in the Upper Gulf of...
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April 21, 2018

Violent Seal Killers Threaten Sea Shepherd UK Crew – Caught on Camera

As predicted by Sea Shepherd on Good Friday, the killing team of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company escalated tensions in...
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April 12, 2018

Shots Fired at Sea Shepherd’s M/V Sharpie

https://youtu.be/8k6E4bpOndw On the night of April 10th, 2018, shots were fired at Sea Shepherd's M/V Sharpie 31 27.31 N 114 45.63...
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March 28, 2018

Sea Shepherd Saves 25 Critically Endangered Totoabas at the Height of Spawning Season

Conservationists intercept and remove illegal gillnet minutes before recovery by poachers, saving entire school of totoaba bass from black market...
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February 28, 2018

Strengthened Partnership with Mexico Brings Renewed Hope for Vaquita

Mexican Government Enforcement Officers start joint operations on board Sea Shepherd vessels, bolstering chances for survival of endangered vaquita porpoise...
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January 2, 2018

Sea Shepherd Saves Endangered Totoaba Following Second Drone Shooting

Sea Shepherd crew faces second drone shooting while protecting the critically endangered vaquita porpoise in Mexico. Despite gunshots being fired...
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December 26, 2017

Sea Shepherd Night Drone Shot Down by Poachers

Tension rises in the fight to protect the critically endangered vaquita porpoise. Ocean conservation group Sea Shepherd was surprised by...
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December 18, 2017

Sea Shepherd Concludes Research Expedition on Elusive Cuvier’s Beaked Whales

Mexican scientists on board R/V Martin Sheen recorded whale encounters and added to photo ID catalogue during Divina Guadalupe III...
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December 13, 2017

Sea Shepherd Vessel Makes History by Becoming First Ship Registered as a Marine Conservation Yacht

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s newest vessel, the M/V Sharpie, has become the first ship in history to obtain registry as a...
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December 12, 2017

Sea Shepherd and Under the Skin Team Up for ‘Extinction Series’ Art Prints

Sea Shepherd is teaming up with UK-based design duo Ed and James Harrison on their conservation project ‘Under the Skin,’...
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December 11, 2017

Sea Shepherd Unveils New Anti-poaching Vessel M/V Sharpie in Miami

Founder Captain Paul Watson, ship’s namesake Chris Sharp, and ship Captain Sandy Yawn in attendance Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the...
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December 7, 2017

Sea Shepherd Launches New Anti-poaching Vessel M/V Sharpie

Captain Sandy Yawn of Bravo Media’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” to helm the ship’s inaugural mission MIAMI, FLA. – DECEMBER 7th,...
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