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Linda Pransky

Direct Action Crew

Support Sea Shepherd every month and protect marine wildlife today!

Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

As some of you know, I am currently on the board of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. You also know that I am very excited to be on this board. What’s so exciting is that we are not just talking about what to do, we are doing it!

We are creating partnerships with governments around the world in order to help them protect their endangered marine wildlife. We provide them with boats and equipment to patrol their waters to prevent illegal fishing. Please visit our website.

You all know how much it matters to me that I get results with my clients, so I wouldn’t ask you to support an organization that didn’t get results! Please support us in this very important work. The oceans and the mammals that live in it matter. They are a part of the ecosystem that keeps our planet in balance.

Thank you,


For more ways to donate please visit our support us page.

Sea Shepherd is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA (Tax ID 93-0792021), and donations are fully tax-deductible. For any questions, please e-mail

For a look at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s latest 990 on file with the IRS, click here.
For a look at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s GDPR Statement click here.

INTERNATIONAL DONORS: (1.) The “state” and “postal code” fields are required. If you do not have a state, select “N/A”. If you do not have a “postal code,” enter zeroes (“00000”) in this field. If you have a state or county that is not in the list, include this information in the city field. (2.) All donations will be billed in US Dollars. (3.) Please refrain from using a comma as a decimal placeholder. Our software does not recognize commas as placeholders and omits them. Please use a period (aka “full stop”), instead of a comma. Thank you!

Please note that Direct Action Crew Welcome Packages (which include the member’s only t-shirt for brand new enrollees) may be delayed due to international mailing service disruptions ( We will be sure to send the packages as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

 The Direct Action Crew Welcome Package (which is sent to brand new members of the program) is shipped via the most efficient method for our charity (USPS First-Class Mail). Some countries are not currently accepting this shipping method; packages to these countries will be held for shipping until the restriction is lifted. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this issue.

PO Box 8628  Alexandria, VA 22306 USA(USA) Tel: 212-220-2302

For over 40 years Sea Shepherd has been Defending, Conserving and Protecting our ocean.

Your support is what drives our enforcement and conservation efforts, strengthens our resolve, and makes possible the successes we achieve.

For more ways to support our life saving efforts, please click the button below.

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