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Born in Mexico, and growing up in Texas, Mississippi, and California, Octavio Carranza has been with Sea Shepherd since 2015 for the transit of the Farley Mowat from Tampa Bay, Florida to Mexico for Operation Milagro II. Since then, he has been Captain of Farley Mowat, John Paul Dejoria, Sharpie, Martin Sheen, and Brigitte Bardot. He has been on the front lines to help defend, conserve, and protect our oceans. During this time, he has also been part of the maintenance teams to help keep the ships in top form so that the crews at Sea Shepherd can do their important work.

As a lifelong surfer and waterman, Octavio has been given a unique perspective of the ocean, which has also allowed him to see the oceans dramatically change due to human activity. Trying to mitigate this negative change is why he continues to fight for our oceans. In his spare time, Octavio enjoys being in the water, participating in open-water ocean swims and surfing, and living on the coast of mainland Mexico.

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