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Sea Shepherd is currently patrolling the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor. Monitoring an area of nearly two million square kilometers is no easy task! 

Sea Shepherd has partnered with nonprofit environmental watchdog, Skytruth. Their advanced technology allows us to observe IUU fishing on the high seas, from outer-space.

The waters within the Cocos Island National Park are a “no-take” zone, but the migratory species that pass through, face exploitation from fishing activity hundreds of miles off-shore, making it impossible for local authorities to guarantee long-term conservation of the island’s delicate biodiversity. 

Sea Shepherd’s high-speed interceptor vessel, the Brigitte Bardot, is a sentinel outside national boundaries on the high seas, gathering intelligence and reporting vessels operating outside of the law, to regional federal enforcement agencies and fisheries commissions.

Areas such as Cocos act as a barometer to the wider biodiversity in the Easter Tropical Pacific. But, they cannot flourish in a vacuum of their own, without assured protection of migratory species on the high seas.

Wildlife knows no boundaries. Sea Shepherd’s Maritime control and surveillance campaign “Operation Treasured Islands” plays a vital role in the conservation of marine life in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

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