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Sea Shepherd joins with marine scientists to study the effects of microplastics on whales in the Gulf of California

by Oona Layolle, Captain/Campaign Leader

Whale research. Photo: Mike Rigney

In Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s latest scientific research campaign, we are studying the toxicology levels in whales in the Gulf of California. We are working with marine scientists from the Universidad de Baja California Sur, Italy and United State of America to conduct the first studies regarding the toxicology of microplastics and pollution in the Gulf of California.

‘Survivorman’ Joins Sea Shepherd for Operation Milagro

My Week on the M/V Farley Mowat

by Les Stroud – Survivorman

editorial-160405-1-2-Les Stroud-Credit-Carolina-A-Castro-P1140669-550w
Les Stroud. Photo: Carolina A Castro

Joining the Sea Shepherd on a campaign was never anything I took lightly.  I realize that they have received some fame, along with some infamy, from the TV show ‘Whale Wars‘. But my instinct told me that the Sea Shepherd team was involved in some very powerful and effective activities meant to put a stop to at least some, if not all, of the atrocities occurring in our oceans today.  As a man of action, this appeals to me– I don’t mind sending my dollars to help out.  And I don’t mind voting in a direction that I think will make a difference.  I enjoy debating the issues in groups of people.  However, unless I can get actively involved I never quite feel like I am grasping and as a result, having an understanding of the full story.

SeaWorld Has Found Their Judas

By Captain Paul Watson, Founder and President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Barbara Veiga / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Paul Watson with the Nisshin Maru in the background. Photo: Barbara Veiga

Paul Watson with the Nisshin Maru in the background. Photo: Barbara VeigaThe Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) may be collecting their 30 pieces of silver over the next five years.

The film Blackfish literally swept the profits from SeaWorld’s table and with their stock value plummeting, they had to find a way to put the profits back on the table. Joel Manby, the CEO of SeaWorld needed a champion. Last week he announced that he had found his Judas.

An Open Letter to Tilikum

I am so sorry.

Tilikum in tiny tank

Words cannot even begin to express my sadness for you. I am sorry that you are dying, but even more sorry that you are dying in a concrete tank instead your ocean home off the coast of Iceland.

For more than thirty years, you have been held captive in one tiny pool or another, first in Sealand and now in SeaWorld.  Of course, neither place resembles the sea where you were born.  Your imprisonment spans nearly your entire life.  You have been forced to perform tricks for food, forced to donate sperm, forced to endure isolation, and forced to live a shell of a life that in no way resembles the true nature of an orca.  The pain you have suffered is simply incomprehensible.

Making the Difference for the Vaquita

By Captain Oona Layolle

Crew remove an illegal totoaba long line from the vaquita refuge. Photo: Carolina A Castro

After the highly anticipated arrival of the Farley Mowat to the Sea of Cortez, we have concentrated on testing different techniques to find illegal fishing gear hidden undersea. The gear is placed to catch the endangered Totoaba, and those same nets also are trapping and killing the Vaquita Marina, the most endangered porpoise in the world.

Finding those nets has not been an easy task.

First, the weather hasn’t helped. The winter storms forced us to shelter for two weeks while we waited out the high winds and huge swell – hoping that at least the bad weather would keep the poachers from fishing. Unfortunately, the nets are always there,left under the sea, and set to kill. We also learned that some poachers went out, undeterred by the worsening weather conditions. Since we’ve arrived, we have heard about eleven illegal fishermen that have died from trying to fish during the storms. It is shocking to see how far the hunger for money can drive this awful illegal act.

Greenpeace Has Gone Over to the Dark Side With Their Endorsement For the Sealing Industry

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

editorial-160126-1-1-seal-280w.jpgGreenpeace has now crossed the line with their endorsement of seal fur as “sustainable.”

I initiated and led the first Greenpeace campaigns against sealing from 1975 until 1977. I really never thought I would see the day when Greenpeace would sell out to the sealing industry.

Jon Burgwald speaking for Greenpeace has announced that Greenpeace supports “sustainable” sealing.

Welcoming Pamela Anderson

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

Pamela Anderson has been appointed Chair of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Credit: Pamela Anderson Foundation

Pamela Anderson has been appointed Chair of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Credit: Pamela Anderson Foundation
On behalf of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, I am very happy to announce that Pamela Anderson has joined Sea Shepherd’s Board of Directors and has been appointed Chair of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Pamela Anderson is a passionate, compassionate, and committed activist for animals and the environment, and she brings a great deal of media and cultural influence to our table.
She is an international icon whose understanding of the nature of media has enabled her to be an effective and outspoken advocate for all animals and for Sea Shepherd.

“Sniffing” Out Wildlife Crime in Galapagos

Commentary by Dr. Godfrey Merlen, Director, Sea Shepherd Galapagos

Godfrey Merlen with Truss and Xaver. Photo: Sea Shepherd

On November 19, 2015, I traveled 55 miles to the island of San Cristobal to bring four “sniffer” dogs to the environmental unit of the Ecuadorian National Police. These remarkable hounds can differentiate many smells, but in the Galapagos they particularly seek out illegal products being smuggled out of the archipelago, especially shark fins and sea cucumbers, but including wildlife.

While these four dogs are just beginning their service to the remarkable eco-system of the Galapagos Islands – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – an agreement signed by Colonel Zambrano and myself now brings to a close a process that began in Holland with the selection of the dogs at the Canine Center, which specializes in selecting individual animals for their power of detection through a remarkable sense of smell and for their concentration.

Opposing the Japanese Pirate Whalers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

Humpback whale breaching. Photo: Tim Watters

Japan has declared war on the whales in the Southern Ocean. Their fleet is en route to the Southern Ocean NOW, in abject disrespectful defiance of the International Court of Justice.

The signatory nations to the relevant conventions have not done anything but talk. All other NGOs aside from Sea Shepherd are not doing anything to intervene. Japan returns to the killing fields with an arrogant confidence that they will be unopposed.