Sea Shepherd’s Recommendations Taken Seriously at CITES CoP 18

Sea Shepherd’s legal team took part in the world’s most important conference on endangered wildlife trade to make recommendations to protect the vaquita porpoise from extinction, based on the NGO’s extensive experience in the field.

Defending the Indefensible: Grieg Seafood Invites Pamela Anderson to Revisit

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Grieg Seafoods like most of the salmon farms on the coast of British Columbia are not very welcoming to visitors if they are environmentalists, independent scientists or from First Nations people with concerns about raising domestic salmon in First Nations territory.

First Nations Flotilla

“Colonisation continues. It’s not just about theft at this point, it’s not about the destruction of resources, it’s about reclaiming what’s ours. And what is ours is not just the land…. it is the ocean.”

These are unceded waters. This is First Nations territory. Fish farming is not only killing off wild salmon, but it is violating the constitutionally entrenched rights to fish and food of First Nations. Sea Shepherd is humbled and honored to stand behind the many First Nations peoples leading this fight. These leaders are defending their waters against extinction due to unwanted disease and harm. Yet they are also standing up to the corporate commodification of their oceans which continues to colonize indigenous peoples by limiting access to food, clean water and cultural practice. By defending their rights, their waters and their salmon, these awesome warriors are protecting the coast for every human and animal that hopes to call this place home.

“It is not just for us, it is for the ocean, it is for everybody. So that everybody has access to these sort of things, instead of being so reliant on corporations. It is about health: human health and health of the environment.”

Thank You Rutger Hauer

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

In 1997 I was held in a Dutch prison awaiting an extradition trial to Norway for sinking one of their illegal whaling ships the “Nybraena”. I was held for 120 days and received incredible support from the Dutch public and most notably from Rutger Hauer who twice visited me at Lelystad Prison. Rutger helped mobilize other celebrities and the Dutch court ruled to release me without extradition to Norway.