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Dr. Diana L. Reiss

Direct Action Crew

Support Sea Shepherd every month and protect marine wildlife today!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my Direct Action Crew page! As a marine mammal scientist, I am passionate about the welfare and conservation of these sentient and magnificent marine mammals with whom we share our planet. My research has focused on increasing our scientific understanding of their cognitive and communicative abilities and applying what we’ve learned to raise public awareness. Their survival, health and future are important to me both scientifically and personally, and they remain a focus of my advocacy and personal giving.

I am proud to serve on the Board of Directors of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) that has a new science-based action model for saving the critically endangered vaquita, the most endangered cetacean species on the planet. To protect the vaquita, gill net fishing in the region has to stop and SSCS is now sending ships, scientists and dedicated crews into fragile ecosystems and partnering with governmental agencies in Mexico to help protect the vaquita and other marine species. I’m thrilled to say that a recent IUCN report published in June 2023 stated that for the first time in 30 years the vaquita population appears to be stabilized through the joint efforts of Sea Shepard partnering with the Mexican government!

Our monthly donating program is called the Direct Action Crew, (DAC), and I’m asking my friends and colleagues in the larger conservation movement to join me in the DAC. Together, the DAC provides critical support to the ships, captains and crews of Sea Shepherd as they protect the line between survival and extinction for some of the most vulnerable species on earth.

So many of you have been on the frontlines in working on marine mammal welfare and conservation efforts and now I’m asking you to join me in this effort as well. Please support Sea Shepherd and their campaigns to protect endangered marine wildlife by joining the Direct Action Crew, and as always, I thank you.

For more ways to donate please visit our support us page.

Sea Shepherd is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA (Tax ID 93-0792021), and donations are fully tax-deductible. For any questions, please e-mail

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INTERNATIONAL DONORS: (1.) The “state” and “postal code” fields are required. If you do not have a state, select “N/A”. If you do not have a “postal code,” enter zeroes (“00000”) in this field. If you have a state or county that is not in the list, include this information in the city field. (2.) All donations will be billed in US Dollars. (3.) Please refrain from using a comma as a decimal placeholder. Our software does not recognize commas as placeholders and omits them. Please use a period (aka “full stop”), instead of a comma. Thank you!

Please note that Direct Action Crew Welcome Packages (which include the member’s only t-shirt for brand new enrollees) may be delayed due to international mailing service disruptions ( We will be sure to send the packages as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

 The Direct Action Crew Welcome Package (which is sent to brand new members of the program) is shipped via the most efficient method for our charity (USPS First-Class Mail). Some countries are not currently accepting this shipping method; packages to these countries will be held for shipping until the restriction is lifted. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this issue.

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For over 40 years Sea Shepherd has been Defending, Conserving and Protecting our ocean.

Your support is what drives our enforcement and conservation efforts, strengthens our resolve, and makes possible the successes we achieve.

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