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Sea Shepherd’s Vessel Martin Sheen
Resumes 6th Season of Whale Research

Join us February 21-25 for a week of learning, updates, and live events from the campaign,
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Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico – Feb 21, 2022 – Sea Shepherd’s vessel Martin Sheen has returned to the largest marine protected area in North America to advance the science around whales and increase our ability to protect them.

In partnership with CONANP, Mexico’s Commission of Natural Protected Areas, Sea Shepherd is embarking on the sixth season of this critical research. Working with renowned cetacean scientists Dr. Hiram Rosales, Dr. Jorge Urbán, and their teams from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS), this mission studies the prevalence, health, and behavior of humpback whales around the Revillagigedo Islands and Los Cabos. 

The Revillagigedo Archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage site located 240 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Humpback whales migrate to this area to mate and nurse their calves, making this region one of the most significant whale breeding grounds in Mexico*. CONANP rangers monitor the area throughout the year, ensuring the laws surrounding the marine park are upheld, providing protection to the numerous species that inhabit this biodiversity hotspot, including whales, dolphins, sharks, giant mantas, and various species of fish.

Join us February 21-25 for a week of exciting updates on this critical campaign, and all week you can save 10% on all Sea Shepherd merchandise by visiting our store and using the code word “WHALES.”

Feb 21: From Sharks to Parks; follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn how shark research led to this area being the largest Marine Protected Area in North America!

Feb 22 and Feb 23: A Deep Dive About Whales! Stay tuned to our social media channels for two days of cutting-edge information about whales and what Sea Shepherd is doing, with your support, to help protect them.

Special Event Wednesday, February 23, 7pm EST: Sign up HERE for a discussion with legendary actor Martin Sheen and world-renowned marine biologist, whale expert, and Sea Shepherd Board Member Dr. Roger Payne. Over five decades ago, Dr. Payne was the first scientist to discover that whales communicate by song, and Martin Sheen is known for decades of compelling roles on screen and TV. Mr. Sheen will share his journey in activism and why he is such a strong supporter of Sea Shepherd, and Dr. Payne will be live and taking questions from our supporters around the world.

Feb 24: See What The Crew Can Do: Your support allows our ships and campaigns to remain active, protecting marine wildlife around the world. But what is life like on a Sea Shepherd vessel? This day will bring you behind the scenes and on board Martin Sheen for a sneak peek into ship life and the dedicated crew and volunteers on the front lines. 

Feb 25: What You Can Do in ‘22; We end the week by highlighting all the exciting ways you can support Sea Shepherd in our work all over the world, like our DIRECT ACTION CREW. We will share recordings of the special sessions from the week, more content from the crew of the Martin Sheen, and of course, make sure everyone is aware of saving 10% of all Sea Shepherd merchandise by using the code word “WHALES” at our STORE.

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