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Sea Shepherd’s Equality Statement

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society operates internationally without prejudice towards race, color, nationality, religious belief, or any other consideration except for an impartial adherence to upholding international conservation law to protect endangered marine species and ecosystems.

Those illegal operations that we oppose routinely attempt to accuse Sea Shepherd of being anti-Japanese, anti-Native American, or anti-Scandinavian etc, for our opposition to illegal whaling or the killing of dolphins. We are accused of being anti-Canadian or anti-African for opposing the slaughter of seals. We have been accused of being anti-Latino for opposing illegal South American shark finning operations.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We do not oppose Japanese or Norwegian whaling we oppose illegal whaling as defined under international conservation law. We do not oppose Canadian or Namibian sealing, we oppose the killing of seals.

Sea Shepherd operates outside the petty cultural chauvinism of the human species. Our clients are whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea-birds, and fish. We represent their interests.

Our volunteer crewmembers come from all over the world including from the nations that we are forced to oppose such as Japan, Norway, and Canada.

We are not anti-any nationality or culture. We are pro-Ocean and we work in the interests of all life on Earth. We only oppose criminals and criminal operations.