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Linda Pransky

Linda Pransky began graduate school at The University of Washington in 1975.  She specialized in Psychosocial Nursing because of her desire to learn how people change psychologically. She learned techniques and approaches to helping people, but to her disappointment nothing seemed to have lasting results. When she met Sydney Banks in 1976, she learned for herself how change happened and found the kind of changes she was looking for within her own life. Her vision soon became one of helping others.

After studying with Sydney Banks intensively for several years she became a teacher of his methods and philosophy. She was a founding faculty member of The Three Principles Global Community, where she still serves today on the board of directors.  Along with her husband George, she founded Pransky and Associates, an educational organization that works with individuals, couples, organizations, and businesses. Currently, Linda is a mentor to students who want to develop a practice with a three principles foundation. She is an international speaker, speaking at conferences in England, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. 

Linda has called La Conner, Washington home since 1987.  In a house that she used to visit as a child belonging to her favorite great-aunt, she and George now reside and entertain their two children, five grandchildren, and numerous friends and family.  Linda spends her spare time in her garden that overlooks the Puget Sound.   Finally having the answers to how people change, Linda considers sharing this understanding her life’s work.

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