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So this is what happened on August 2nd

By August 8, 2017No Comments

To start the day we noticed by sight at Sonora Point fish farm that one of pens looked a little suspicious. So I asked the workers if there was any fish in that pen, which I already knew by sight there was. The workers lied and said there were no fish of any kind in that pen so that upset me.

So many things are wrong I have to go and check for myself, so I took a GoPro cam with me and I could see with my own eyes that there were tons of baby fish in that pen, after they had already pumped out the Atlantic salmon.

To my eyes I could see they had left about 7 tons of baby wild stock fish in there!

Atlantic farmed salmon and wild herrring stuck in pen

So I stuck the GoPro cam in the pen for evidence that they are killing our wild baby fish, very intentionally.

I know very well it would take a worker if 10 minutes to drop the net off six hooks, the net would sink and the fish would just swim out in minutes, free again, so it makes me wonder how many tons of the baby fish went on the packer ship when they pumped the Atlantic salmon out.

The drone noticed there were two pens with wild stock baby fish. I did not make it to the second pen to see how many baby fish were in there. The two pens with Atlantic salmon in them I could see with my own eyes they were the same type of baby fish as the one I looked in previously, but a tiny bit smaller, these fish were getting eaten by the Atlantic salmon!

There were eight empty pens and it makes me wonder how many baby fish were in them when they pumped the Atlantic salmon out? When I got back to the Martin Sheen everybody asked me what I had seen, I teared up for a moment before explaining how many baby wild stock fish I seen in that pen. It hurt my feelings when I was looking at them in that pen.

All I can say is it’s intentional killing.

When we got the GoPro pictures we could see one baby fish drop through the bottom of the pen dying so who knows how many other died before we arrived. I have told the workers to tell their boss to release the baby fish.

It is August 6th now, I am hoping somebody can get to those pens to let me know if they have released the baby fish yet!

But all of this is no surprise to me, that’s why I had our family and friends do a march in 2003 to shut these farms down, when I passed these farms at night they had a lot of lights on, the lamps attracting different species of baby wild stock fish in our waters into those pens….

Willie Moon thank you very much for inviting me to your territory to inspect the farm fish pens.

As soon as I stepped on the farm I asked the worker to let his boss know that I wanted the 7 tons of wild baby stock fish at Sonora Point released. As soon as I put the GoPro in the pen I noticed right away large amounts of baby wild stock fish bolting as the farmed Atlantic salmon were chasing them down!

I looked at the farm worker and asked him how he could sleep at night seeing this happen day after day?

So, I decided to check the other six pens, the same thing, lots of baby wild stock fish in all of them. All getting chased down by the Atlantic salmon!

I told the worker this is why we did a march with family and friends in 2003 because I knew back then the wild fish were getting into the pens, and also our divers had seen tons of baby fish at the wall outside the pen. This has been going back thirty years now that wild stock fish are all declining so badly.

As I was leaving the farm I told the worker I better suggest to Willie Moon that he might want to cleanse that farm, with so many wild stock baby fish getting in to the pens and being eaten by the Atlantic farm fish all these years.

Willie it’s a must to get all these killer farm fish out of all territories.

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