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February 2023: Cetacean Action Treasury’s Executive Director Kristin Nowell released a report which provides further evidence of a reduction in the illegal fishing activity that threatens the Vaquita Porpoise. See the full report HERE.

This report validates Sea Shepherd’s ongoing campaign to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal. 2022 ended with Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro reporting a 79% reduction in total hours of illegal fishing activity in the Vaquita Refuge’s Zero Tolerance Area (ZTA) that has brought the Vaquita to the edge of extinction. 2023 began with Sea Shepherd and the Mexican Government welcoming a new Sea Shepherd ship into Operation Milagro. The MV Seahorse was re-fitted with cutting-edge radar, sonar, and data collection capacities all designed specifically for the campaign to defend the Vaquita.

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